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B2B Trending Conversations: Instagram Marketing (and more)

Last updated on August 26th, 2021 at 11:14 am

Welcome back to B2B Trending Conversations, our weekly summary of selected social posts generating clicks and interest in the B2B space. This week, we’ll compare B2B and B2C Instagram marketing, get tips for how to build a better B2B business site, and clear up some of the confusion surrounding purchase intent data. There’s also an infographic on inbound marketing, and even a cartoon from the one and only Marketoonist. Enjoy!


Instagram Marketing for B2B

Digital marketing specialist Jon Edquist brings you the second installment of a two-part LinkedIn series on Instagram marketing for B2B. Edquist compared marketing strategies of B2B and B2C companies and found it took double the number of posts on the B2C account than the B2B account to get the same number of followers, that he needed to follow nearly 300 percent more people/brands on the B2C account for similar follower counts and that it also only took 1/3 of the time to reach 90 followers on the B2B account than the B2C account. What to make of this? “Contrary to what most would expect, my Instagram account for a niche, B2B manufacturing company is vastly outperforming my B2C Instagram account about healthy recipes and fitness stuff,” Edquist wrote. For best results, he urges marketers to watch the timing of their Instagram posts, vary content and utilize the platform’s full potential.


B2B Company Websites

Edtech expert Veronica Hunt examines the importance of understanding the expectations of your website visitors in this Marketing Insider Group blog that will help B2B professionals exceed customer expectations. Keeping your site design fresh, with timely updates, and loaded with easy-to-read, fast-loading content is the first order of business. Your site should also have a clear navigation structure and user-friendly registration page, and it should always reflect your brand’s personality.

Make sure you clearly list your product or service’s benefits to prospective customers, and you’ll meet or exceed their expectations. You need to be very specific with your Instagram profile in order to grow faster. Nitreo reviews are here and can help you get a good vibe to boost your Insta profile.


Purchase Intent Data (Video)

As purchase intent data — which gives valuable marketing insights beyond traditional inbound and outbound marketing — draws more attention in the B2B space, there is growing confusion over how much influence it will. In this video, Tech Target’s Andrew Briney cuts through all the hype and offers practical tools for applying intent in practice. A must-watch for B2B marketers interested in prospect scoring, email conversions, programmatic ad targeting and account-based marketing.


Inbound Marketing (Infographic)


What are the qualities of a successful inbound marketer? First and foremost, they are an analytical creature, adept at deciphering data into actionable strategies. They knows that good storytelling evokes emotions and connects audiences. They are always sincere in helping audiences build long-term relationships and finds ways to solve problems quickly and efficiently. They never forget to stay relevant, knows which objectives to prioritize, always seek improvement, and are humble and open-minded.


B2B Buyer Personas (Cartoon)

And finally, we leave you with this cartoon from “Marketoonist” Tom Fishburne, who cleverly captures the often beguiling relationship between B2B sales and marketing. Fishburne, a Harvard Business School grad, has been parodying the world of marketing in his weekly cartoons for years; check out his work at marketoonist.com.


That’s all for this week’s B2B Trending Conversations. Stop by again next week for all the latest B2B buzz; until then, you can check out last week’s column here, and if you’ve got great B2B content, pitches or feedback, our editors love to hear from you — we’re at @b2bnewsnetwork. Have a productive week!


Feature image source: freestocks.org


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