HPE’s OneView TV spot makes IT management look like Nightmare on Sesame Street

HPE OneView
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If Elmo of Sesame Street were to gain about 700 pounds and lose all power of speech, he might resemble the creature HPE is using to market its OneView product in its latest TV commercial.

“Tame The IT Monster Withe HPE OneView” portrays a large enterprise besieged by a giant, furry red creature who turns a work surface into a teeter-totter, a conference room table into a bed and (worst of all) inadvertently rubs off the ideas written in market on a glass brainstorming wall.

HPE OneView, which takes a software-defined approach to managing IT infrastructure, is designed to deal with what the monster represents: the complexity and burden or old, legacy systems that bogs down CIOs and their teams.



In the end, an HPE OneView user deals with the monster with a simple push of a button. The result is a puff of green smoke — presumably a reference to the money organizations will save once they move to a more agile and efficient way of managing IT.

According to The Drum, the TV spot is part of a campaign that created by HPE’s ad agency, Publicis North America. Other elements will include related search, social and out-of-home advertising.

Last year, HPE ran a series of commercials for its hybrid cloud offerings, such as “Helping Michael To Say Yes,” based around a similar theme of legacy IT challenges that had an IT manager resemble a robot who consistently said “no” to internal requests and needs.

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Shane Schick
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