AT&T commercial shows how technology can address everything except food-stealing coworkers

AT&T Edge-to-Edge
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In some manufacturing organizations it’s easier for people to get along with robots than other employees, based on one of A&T’s most recent TV spots.

Though it is still the world’s largest telephone company based on total revenue, AT&T wants enterprise customers to be aware of the wide range of IT services it can offer them as well. This includes everything from collaboration tools, Internet of Things equipment, software-defined networking (SDN) and more. The firm calls this collection of service “Edge-to-Edge Intelligence,” and is marketing it to multiple industries including retail, health care and more.

In a series of ads that first made their debut during the 2018 Masters Tournament broadcast, AT&T showcases scenarios where Edge-to-Edge services can be applied, either in day-to-day operations or as part of a digital transformation initiative.

“We want to be recognized as the leading business transformation collaborator, not only as the leading telecommunications provider,” Sandra Howard, vice president-Corporate Brand Marketing at AT&T said in a statement. “While other companies might be able to compete with us on specific products, our breadth of services sets us apart.”

Judging by the clip below, however, AT&T might want to add a few sensors into the refrigerator in manufacturing firms’ employee common areas.

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