Expensify gets in early on the Super Bowl action with an interactive TV commercial

Expensify Super Bowl 2019
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A rapper who travels via teleporter. Dancers clad in tight-fitting gold bodysuits. A convertible made out of ice. If this doesn’t scream “expense management” to you, that’s exactly what Expensify had in mind.

The San Francisco-based firm on Tuesday formally launched the its first major TV commercial ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, where it is slated to run in the second quarter of the big game. A longer version of the spot, which features Jason Scott (best known for his role on the sitcom Parks And Recreation) and the musical performer 2Chainz, was posted to YouTube.

In the middle of what appears to be a standard over-the-top music video, 2Chainz is interrupted by Scott, who plays someone from “Record Label Finance,” who demands paper receipts for all the various props used in the shoot. The rapper not only waves the request away but manages to work the name Expensify into the closing lyrics of the song.

Besides offering entertainment value, the Expensify TV spot shows an example of a QR code-style receipt on 2Chainz’ phone, which viewers can photograph and enter to win the ice car. An interactive video that was released prior to the Super Bowl commercial allows viewers who download Expensify to take pictures of other receipts for a chance to win an Audi R8, a gold jet ski, a diamond-encrusted football or a 2 Chainz bust. The total value of what can be “expensed” from the TV spot amounts to $200,000, Expensify said.

Expensify said the TV spot was part of a more comprehensive marketing dubbed “You Weren’t Born To Do Expenses.” The commercial was  developed by JohnXHannes New York and directed by Andreas Nilsson of Biscuit Filmworks.

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