Accenture commercial shows just how topsy-turvy disruption can make you feel

Accenture New Applied Now
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If you’re at all susceptible to nausea, dizziness or vertigo, watching a new marketing clip from consulting giant Accenture may require considerable stamina. Then again, so does surviving disruption in many established industries.

The 30-second spot, which has so far only aired online, follows a female business leader through a fairly ordinary walk through a large metropolitan city’s streets, through some kind of flower or gardening centre and finally to her office, where she takes her rightful place at the head of a team who are already gathered around the conference room table. Only the camera’s perspective shows you that she’s working in a world that is literally being turned upside down by the forces of disruption. In fact, viewers are taken for an entire 360-degree spin several times before the start of the meeting suggests Accenture will help customers find themselves on firmer ground again.



The clip is part of a larger marketing campaign within Accenture called “New, Applied Now,” which aims to help organizations understand how best to harness the forces of innovation and find strategic areas of value. A more in-depth landing page walks visitors through what the consulting firm calls its 2o19 “Fjord Trends,” including changes taking place across carmakers, retailers and other sectors.

Produced by Accenture’s ad agency Universal McCann, “New Applied Now: Disruption” also comes out not long after the firm opened one of its latest innovation hubs in Toronto. The Canadian location is now part of 10 similar hubs that are connected to 100 Accenture facilities around the world and pool its global expertise to tackle difficult problems involving data, technology and decision-making.

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