EY recruits Varidesk to stand up and offer a customer testimonial on TV

EY TV commercial Varidesk
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There are few activities more sedentary than watching TV, but that may make it the perfect place for EY to feature its latest marketing campaign about its role in helping companies like Varidesk pursue their business goals.

Best known as the maker of office furniture that can be transformed from a traditional workspace into an almost podium-like structure for managing information while standing up, Varidesk is positioned as a B2B vendor with bright prospects in the 30-second EY clip.

The commercial includes a visual tour through Varidesk’s warehouse, glassed-in cubicles, and design team, along with flattering shots of its signature standing desks in action. The trademark EY rising yellow triangle subtly frames the product, implying an almost symbiotic relationship that’s leading to growth.

The TV spot also has an interview with Varidesk CFO Craig Storey, who talks about how the company is an example of a firm that started out with one major product but is expanding into complementary items to help organizations rethink their workspaces. Storey is accompanied on his rounds at Varidesk by Debra Von Storch, a partner at the firm who talks about EY being its “trusted business advisor,” though the clip doesn’t go into any detail about what kinds of services it is offering.

Varidesk has been put into the spotlight by EY before. In 2017, for example, Varidesk won the “emerging” category in EY’s annual Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, where it was recognized for “listening to customers and responding to their feedback” — similar to the sentiments Storey expresses about EY in the TV commercial. The customer-focused spot marks a more departure from previous EY TV commercials, such as a 2017 clip that looked much more broadly at trends like Millennial customers, self-driving cars, cybersecurity and other elements of business transformation. NAM-Youth Marketing Specialist Corp. was credited as the agency behind the work.

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Shane Schick
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