#G2Fireside: Social media tips from Sprout Social, the Content Marketing Institute and more

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The middle of July might not seem the ideal time for an organization to host its first Twitter chat, but G2 seemed to have no problem attracting comments from people who work at major B2B SaaS firms to weigh in at #G2Fireside.

As might be expected, the peer-to-peer review platform decided to focus much of #G2Fireside on the opportunities and challenges of social media itself — both as a way to connect with customers and even as a tool for professional self-development.

Most of the early comments suggested that social media needs to be deeply integrated into marketing and sales processes. A content marketing pro from RingCentral recommended a mix of experimentation and consistent visibility:



One of the biggest challenges for many firms, particularly in B2B, is figuring out which of the many social platforms they show up on. A tweeter from the Content Marketing Institute had a simple but in some ways novel approach:


Of course, most organizations wouldn’t have social media accounts at all if there weren’t the potential to actually grow businesses. That’s why #G2Fireside also explored the way social networks could be used to find new leads and prospects. Dan Willis, who focuses on video strategy for brands, recommended moving progressively from online to offline:

Mastering social media might be a good way of preparing for some of those in-person interactions, according to a digital marketing professional at LedgeviewCRM, who argued that there has never been a better time to take advantage of the services available:

At a brand level, marketers continually debate the best ways to evaluate the performance of their social activity. A content marketer from Automate had some ideas:


If you occasionally struggle with social media, though, you’re in good company. In fact, a social media specialist at Sprout Social admitted the company had fallen short of its internal goals but rallied after a series of retrospective analysis sessions:

G2 said it would follow up on #G2Fireside with additional Twitter chats on subjects like artificial intelligence next month.

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