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Dun & Bradstreet says Lattice app will lower social ad costs per lead and boost click-throughs

Three months after acquiring a customer data platform firm, Dun & Bradstreet has launched a desktop app aimed at improving the ability of B2B marketers to run social ad campaigns.

The Short Hills, N.J.-based firms said the Lattice app, named after the firm it acquired, will eventually roll out across multiple social channels.

Lattice will let B2B marketers define or segment an audience in Lattice and the app automatically makes that audience available in your paid social channels so you can serve hyper-targeted ads, according to D&B’s president of marketing and sales solutions Michael Bird.

D&B Lattice provides an AI score to help you to identify which accounts are most likely to convert, how much they’re likely to spend and so on, Bird said.

“So, you can re-allocate your ad dollars and invest more on the highest propensity accounts and less on those less likely to close,” Bird told B2B News Network, adding that early customers have already seen a 54 per cent higher ROI “because they avoided ‘spraying and praying’ their ad campaigns.”

Lattice will also automatically updates audiences on social platforms based on changes in buyer engagement, interest and company data, Bird said.

“Let’s say a buyer at a cold account starts visiting certain product pages on your website anonymously,” he said, explaining that D&B Lattice can make the business information from these visits available to a marketer for audience creation purposes. “So, rather than just showing this buyer a generic ad about your brand, you could show them an ad with more specific copy and CTA, (that) related to the product pages that they visited on your website.”

In a statement, D&B quoted Jonathan Gallagher, director of Customer Experience at TIBCO, that his firm was using the Lattice app to help with its account-based marketing (ABM) activities across the web, e-mail and social media.

When the deal was announced this past July, Forrester research analyst Steven Casey published a blog post calling Lattice “a logical and complementary addition to the D&B portfolio,” and that it proves CDPs don’t just make sense for consumer-oriented firms.

“Adding advanced analytics and data management capabilities from Lattice accelerates D&B’s evolution into a comprehensive data platform and increases its value to customers,” Casey wrote in the post, which was co-authored with senior analyst Allison Snow. “Lattice Engines — a firm that provides consistent customer value in a broad and potentially confusing set of services to the market — will be well served by both an increased access to comprehensive data and a more defined focus on data management.”


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