Esri uses the busiest intersection you’ve ever seen to map the order within chaos

Esri TV commercial
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Maps have always helped people to get from A to B, but a new TV commercial from Esri helps explain the connection between location intelligence and moving a business in the right direction.

What starts as a young boy’s reverie of watching leaves blow across the ground becomes quickly shifts to a scene in an unidentified urban metropolis. All at once, an intersection is filled with dogs being walked, motorcycles zooming across the street, running school children and, at one point, a lone drummer keeping the beat.

Through it all, there are random elements mixed with what seem like choreographed movements of similar actors, such as a group of pedestrians who all manage to open their blue umbrellas just as a thunderstorm erupts.

The only thing that doesn’t happen is a major collision between any of those in the intersection. Though there is no direction mention of ArcGIS, Esri’s flagship mapping software, the one-minute spot suggests it plays a key role in helping emergency workers holding a tablet deal with the potential fallout from a broken traffic signal.

“Where others see chaos, we see patterns,” a voiceover intones. “Connections. Relationships. When you use Esri location technology, you can see where things happen—before they happen.”

Esri, which has also released 30-second and 15-second versions of the spot, has been airing it on programs such as CNBC’s Power Lunch, according to iSpotTV.

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Shane Schick
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