4 Most Lucrative Medical Jobs Around the World

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Who didn’t want to be a doctor as a child? Helping people, saving lives, earning money? However, not many people continue to fulfill their medical dream – and only a part of them actually starts working as a doctor. It’s a pretty challenging job (even more challenging for the women); but if it’s your calling, you won’t be disappointed.


Almost everywhere around the globe, a doctor’s career is something prestigious and well-paid. But not many people remember that it’s one of the most high-pressure jobs in the world, and very often, human life depends on the doctor’s decision. There’s no room for mistakes in the industry. Also, doctors usually don’t even have a proper work-life balance: one can easily be woken up at night by an urgent (or not so urgent) call. 


No wonder that such a challenging job is among the world’s highest-paid ones. If the responsibility doesn’t scare you, you can (but not so easily) earn a more than decent living. Don’t know which profession exactly to choose? We’ll help. Read on to learn about the most lucrative medical jobs around the world.


Gastroenterologists’ work is neither simple nor pretty, but they make very decent money. By treating and exploring disorders related to the digestive system, they can help you with problems like Crohn’s disease, IBS, or pancreatitis. They also provide a number of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, like colonoscopy or liver biopsy. And they work with complex medical equipment – you’ll need to know a lot about medical machines if you decide to become a gastroenterologist. Want to learn more about it? There’s plenty of information online! For instance, you can check out https://www.heartlandmedical.com/.


Of course, you’ll have to study a lot to specialize in gastroenterology. But you’ll never be bored – and in the US, an average specialist can earn even around $400,000!

Oral Surgeon

If you’re not dreaming about the maximum responsibility but still want to join the list of highest-paid doctors in the world, consider becoming a dentist. But not a simple dentist – an oral surgeon. Teeth problems are very common and can lead to other nasty health issues. You’ll deal with more complex ones, requiring surgery of gums, teeth, or jawbones, reconstructive surgery of the face, head, and neck, and/or cosmetic surgery, depending on your specialization. 


By getting the patient’s mouth and face back in tip-top shape, you’re allowing them to lead a healthier and happier life; but you also earn a lot of money. An experienced oral surgeon can earn even over $208,000 annually! But be prepared – it’s not a very easy path. You’ll need to get a professional dental degree, a qualification in medicine (optional), and 4 to 6 years of surgical residency training. 

Invasive Cardiologist

Moving on to the more high-responsibility medical jobs, we have an invasive cardiologist. Some things you need to know: it’s not easy; it’s a lot of pressure; it’s fascinating. Ever held a human’s heart in your hands? Want to experience this? Ready to take responsibility for a person’s life? 


Invasive cardiologists diagnose and treat heart diseases (there are a lot of them). They can perform open or minimally-invasive heart surgeries and run tests, like angioplasties, where a balloon is inserted into a tiny vein to push through plaque (blood patch) and increase blood flow. Of course, it’s not the easiest job in the medical industry. However, if you think you can handle the pressure and responsibility, you can earn a living with it – the annual salary of an invasive cardiologist in the US can get up to $600,000!


Neurosurgery is by far the hardest and highest-paid medical job in the world. And for a reason: with one imprecise move, you can ruin the patient’s ability to speak, move or even breathe! However, people who can deal with the pressure are willing to take the risk – and save the lives of people who suffer from brain tumors, strokes, epilepsy, and many other nervous system and brain-related diseases.


As a neurosurgeon, you’ll perform potentially risky surgeries, remove tumors, and make many other life-saving decisions. If you decide that it’s your calling, you will be handsomely rewarded – and not only with happy patients who are alive thanks to you. The median income for neurosurgeons is around $500,000!

You Won’t Be Disappointed If That’s Your Calling

Working in the medical field is not for everyone. Dealing with the nervous patients and bureaucracy is just one side of the coin; dealing with high pressure and making risky decisions is the other. If you’re a faint-hearted person, this path is definitely not for you. However, if you’ve dreamed of saving lives since you were little – nothing can stop you from trying to become the best doctor one can imagine. 


And you can earn decent money in the industry, too. Whether you become an oral surgeon, a gastroenterologist, or a neurosurgeon, you won’t need anything – except for time and energy, perhaps. Just remember: money is not the main benefit of being a doctor. Seeing happy and healthy patients is.




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