Secrets of Editing Documents on Mac

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MacBooks have always generated some controversy for their document software and plugin option compatibility. The public has become so accustomed to Microsoft Word, that editing documents on Macs seems much more difficult but that just isn’t true.

Apple, which took the late great Larry Tesler’s concepts (Inventor of copy and paste), and emphatically advanced them to create MacBooks that are laden with secret savvy editing features. Whether you’re working with software for legal documents or writing poems as a hobby, you’ll enjoy a set of hidden hacks that Apple presents.

If you enjoy clever shortcuts and efficient hacks, let us take you through a few of the MacBook’s document software editing tricks.

Apple Pages

Unlike other laptops, MacBook’s now come with Pages as standard removing the paywall to document creation that many despise. Constantly upgrading systems will eventually erase some features but allow us to highlight our favorite for Apple Pages editing.

Default Templates

With any document preparation tool on a Mac, you are given the choice of stylish templates to aid your design. However, you can also set or design a standardized default template to speed up your document creation.

Simply visit the preferences menu in the Pages app, navigate to general, pick the template you want to use, and set it as default for all new documents. If you regularly design new documents, both the default and options are super helpful.

Customizing Your Toolbar

Dealing with Word and other doc creation software is useful in its predictability to new users, but Apple goes the step further that it has always done. All new MacBooks now come with the ability to customize your toolbars to fit your working style.

Click view and toolbar to be granted a range of options and drag and drop the buttons that you actually use the most. Gone are the days of flicking through the drop-down tiles trying to find what you are looking for.

Tailored Auto-Correction Settings

Now they’re just showing off.

Word and Google Docs are slowly starting to catch up, but Pages is still way in the future with their savvy document editing AI.

If your company, client, or colleague’s names are always getting redlined, visit the pages, preferences, and auto-correction settings. Add a list of the words you regularly use but always get underlined. It no longer needs to be the distraction that it is!

Plug-In Capabilities

MacBooks have not always endeared themselves to the masses with the app compatibility. However, the ever-evolving Apple store consistently pumps out exciting and helpful new applications. Whether you need EndNote, iWork, or software for legal documents the Apple store has it.

Google Drive

For every person who became a remote worker in 2020, Google Drive has likely become your new best friend. For Mac users, it has always been a champion for accessibility and Mac related tricks.

Syncing PC and Mac

We like to think of this one as an oldie but a goodie that has aged well since the sudden shift to the remote office.

Launched in 2012, Google decided to make the drive available to both Mac and Windows users. It is best used as a downloadable desktop folder that you can link to your work email address provided your firm uses G-suites. This allows you and other colleagues to use the mutual platform and collaborate on documents together at the same time.

Google Forms

Through the drive, MacBook users have the freedom to design, create, edit and send out forms. These can be used for feedback, progress reports, appraisals, market research or any other survey related purposes. As AI and the Internet of Things continue to permeate all digital exchanges, this feature has the power to change business data capturing capabilities.

One Step Options

Google Drive is doing what it can to compete with Apple Pages for the most single click functions known to OS. Each new addition accelerates clumsy previous practices allowing you to breeze through your edits at the same pace as you think. There are many so we will just include the best and most novel.

        One-step Google Docs Opening – Type or into your search bar

        Word Count Shortcut – Cmnd + Shift + C

        Cut – Cmnd + Shift + X

        Paste – Cmnd + Shift + V

        Cut and paste by highlighting text then dragging and dropping where you want it

        Word definitions – Cmnd + Shift + Y

        Hyperlink – Cmnd + K

Assigning Editorial Review

Google Suites has really taken to the streamline and automation arena with clever steps to cut out as many inefficient steps as possible. Within any document, Google Drive now allows you to assign different tasks or points to your team for editing and otherwise.

Simply type @Name into your document or comment to designate the colleague whose attention you require. That colleague then gets an email to inform them of your tag.

Proofreading and App Compatibility

Google Drive maintains its theme of applications inclusivity by allowing a huge range of apps and plug-ins through the Google Play Store. The variety of apps make it a genuine option for professional resources and speeding up previously cumbersome tasks such as photo design and editing, contract creation with software for legal documents and even slick project management tools for all manner of businesses.

In Closing…

MacBooks have always been incredibly slick in design complimented by forward-thinking features like shallower Magic keyboards, six-speaker set-ups, and even the secret dark mode. What has come an exceptionally long way in recent years is the MacBooks ability to play well with others.

Google and other tech giants have fully embraced Apple as an alternative option because of the extremely loyal customer base. This has opened the door to new apps and a plethora of sneaky editing features to ease your working world.

While Macs have often been the quirky child of the computer family, the ability to edit documents with ease and precision is making it a serious contender as a working computer for all.


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