How To Find The Cheapest Web Hosting Deals For Current Year

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With so many great web hosting deals available online, it’s tough to pinpoint any single one. Each web hosting deal service brings something different to the table. You may feel like if you want to get one of the better web hosting services you will have to pay more. However, this is not really true. With so much competition on the market and many significant improvements, web hosting prices have dropped considerably. Nowadays you can find many web hosting services that are all easy-to-use and loaded with features at a considerably lower price. In this article, we will help you cut down on web hosting costs and get the most out of it. 

Compare Potential Hosting Plans

When looking for cheap web hosting plans, the price might now always be the most important factor. How so? Let us explain. Despite hundreds of really cheap web hosting plans being offered out there, they may not always be the best with the features and services. When comparing pricing plans of any web hosting deals, be sure to compare the other factors too. We have listed these factors and discussed them below.

  • Features

When getting your hands on that tempting web hosting deal, be sure to check if it has all the features you may require. Make sure the service is offering one-click WordPress installation, or, if you are a blogger, ensure any blogging services you may need. If you are planning to run an e-commerce store on the other hand, then you will prefer some other set of features. Always keep your priorities in mind. The basic plans must also offer cheap or free domain names, otherwise, you have to pay extra for it.

  • Security

The web hosting you are getting must ultimately be secure. Many hosting services cut down on important security features that can help protect your site. Solid security will help protect your website against viruses, scammers, and other threats over the internet. Make sure that the cheap plan you are opting for doesn’t cut down on security.

  • Performance

The performance of a web hosting plan can include speed, spare capacity, interface, and several other factors. Read reviews from trusted sources on the service and make sure it is solid. Many cheap web hosting services offer a slow server or a bad interface, making you regret ever buying it.

  • Plans

Take a lookout for the plans each service offers. Many services offer cheap starter plans to lure new customers. After the starter plan ends,  they ask you to pay a higher price to continue. Make sure you check out the plans and everything the service is offering. 

Apply Coupon Codes

It will surprise you to find out you don’t always need to pay the exact prices shown on any hosting plans. As evident at WP-Tweaks, most web hosting services allow you to enter coupon codes that give you a discount over the original price. These are promo codes or promotional codes which are launched as a part of the company’s marketing strategies. You can search online for coupon codes on GoDaddy, InMotion, Bluehost, and many more. Other ways to get coupon codes are to sign up with the company’s newsletter or search on the internet. However, make sure you don’t spend too long holding on to the codes as they can expire soon. 

Go For An Extended Plan

If you are serious about getting a web hosting plan, consider choosing a long-term plan. Many beginners are likely to go for starter plans on any service. However, the plan expires after a month and brings them back to square one. If you are sure about getting a specific web hosting plan then a longer-term plan like 6-months, 12-months, or 3-years can help you save a lot. By choosing longer plan terms, the prices are lower, giving you amazing savings. You also don’t have to bother buying a plan every time. However, make sure you are okay with the service you choose as you may have to stick with it longer. 

Think Ahead

Getting the cheapest plan may not always mean paying less upfront. Consider planning to really get the best deal. If you go for an entry-level hosting plan and run out of bandwidth in a few days, you will end up spending more. Planning in advance will require you to consider all the factors and save more by avoiding unfavorable situations.

Getting a great hosting plan at a low cost can be a tough process. By keeping these points in mind, you will make a more informed decision and not regret it later. Each hosting plan has something great to offer, so be confident in whatever you purchase. 

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