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Marketing Today: How to Beef-Up Your Blog Content with a Few Simple Tricks

In the world of marketing, there are several fields that can benefit from having a blog and posting regular content. And when it comes to B2B marketing, this technique can be used to lure in potential buyers.

Unlike B2C marketing where the focus is being placed on the consumer, B2B Marketing (Business to Business) focuses on selling goods and services to other businesses.

With all of the B2B marketing tools available today, it can be overwhelming at times to try and sift through all of the jargon and actually find tools and techniques that work. And while blogging has been around for a very long time, it still remains a highly effective method for promoting goods and services, and for attracting potential buyers.

But, how do you make blogging work for you? Here, we’ll outline a few strategies that you can use while blogging to attract more readers and more buyers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is normally referred to, is a marketing tactic that is used to help a website land a higher ranking on a search engine’s results page (SERP). 

Since Google is the king of the Internet, most SEO strategies revolve around trying to appease the algorithm that Google uses to source and rank web pages. 

Even in smaller communities, local SEO experts use keyword strategies to create more focused content in order to help land a blog or web page on the first SERP of Google, which is largely considered the sweet spot to be in when it comes to search results.

Studies have shown that over 80 percent of web users don’t navigate past the first page of Google when it comes to a search. As such, the better SEO you have incorporated into your blog, the greater your chances of being seen in an organic search. 

Post Regularly 

Unless you’re a blogger and you just simply love to write, you might not know the ins and outs of what makes blogging work for a business. But perhaps the main strategy that is proven to be the most effective is posting regular content.

Most people who start a blog, regardless if this is for business or for a pastime, begin by posting a few times, then leaving it alone for a while. This is perhaps the worst habit to get into because without regular content, you cannot gain an audience.

Blog readers are fairly consistent when it comes to reading particular blogs. And if you’re posting content every day, then you suddenly vanish, so will your readers. Correspondingly, so will your customers. 

Come up with a schedule for posting valuable content that your B2B audience is sure to enjoy, but remember to keep to your schedule.

Offers and Incentives 

Just like a landing page or a clickfunnel, you can use a blog to alert your readers and potential customers of offers and incentives that you have available. 

This is perhaps the “bait on the hook” when it comes to blogging. And this is because when you post regularly and have an avid, recurring audience, you’ll only be fueling interest for them to come back and view your content by holding offers and incentives. 

Your offers or incentives don’t have to be elaborate at all. They can actually be quite simple. For example, you can offer a discount on products and services in exchange for a form-fill on your blog. Or you can offer a weekly raffle in exchange for a form-fill. 

Regardless, you’ll then be able to track new customers and build an email list all from content that you post on your blog.

Blogging isn’t an exact science, but there is a scientific method to attract buyers to your blog. The more time you spend tweaking your content and trying new strategies and techniques, the better off you’ll be later on down the road when your blog has taken off.


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