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B2B News for Friday, October 1, 2021: Trust in Leadership, Ad Targeting Tools, Waste Management Industry Heating Up

A reflective and somber mood remains the day after observing Canada’s first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. It’s not a bad thing for B2B industries, used to a relentless forward movement, to take some time to think about where we are going to consider the past we want to avoid repeating. Let’s call it a period of course correction.

Trust, and how it rises or declines, is very much a feature of these course corrections. That is true in business too. A new study from the Olin Business School at Washington University reminds us that trust is dynamic by nature and any team’s level of trust in their leader is susceptible to change early in a new leader’s tenure. The changes are linked to expectations. The higher the expectations, the steeper the decline. The reverse is also true. Leaders who experienced lower levels of initial trust from their team can achieve higher levels over time.

“Our findings depart from conventional wisdom, which seeks to maximize the level of trust in the leader from day one,” said Kurt Dirks, Professor of Leadership at. “Although having a high level of employee trust in a leader is associated with effectiveness, we found that it is even more effective to start at a moderate level of trust and increase to a high level over the first several months. This approach allows leaders to build a sustainable foundation of trust and create a sense of positive momentum.”

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Advertising platform Influ2 has announced that it helped the leading provider of cloud-based visual merchandising software, One Door focus its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) program. The results boosted marketing performance and influence on its revenue pipeline by 70%.

“Influ2 is one of the most reliable ways to know that an individual has engaged with you and that’s an important part of why we’re using the platform to put our branding front and center with engaged prospects,” said Ken Kuperstein, Director of Marketing at One Door. “When we get the ‘Influ2 clickers’, there is that kind of excitement of: ‘These are great leads!’ Influ2 helped our sales team understand interest and engagement from their key accounts and the decision makers. It’s been really positive having visibility of these results.”

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It’s impossible to imagine any business community turning its attention toward the climate crisis. There are entire industries paid to just take care of waste and recycling, right? Out of sight, out of mind. That inattention may be impossible to sustain, if only because the waste management industry is heating up in terms of mergers and acquisitions. Vaughn-based GFL Environmental Inc., a North American diversified environmental services company, has completed 16 acquisitions across its North American platform since July, totaling 31 acquisitions so far this year. Most recently, GFL acquired the solid waste management and recycling business of Peoria Disposal Company (PDC) and its affiliates. PDC owns a vertically integrated network of assets in Central Illinois and Eastern Missouri, providing residential, commercial and industrial solid waste hauling and recycling services.

“We continue to demonstrate our ability to successfully execute on our growth strategy of pursuing strategic and accretive acquisitions,” said Patrick Dovigi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GFL. “The acquisition of PDC provides us with a unique opportunity to acquire one of the best family owned and operated vertically integrated set of assets in the United States, while expanding our solid waste footprint within the U.S. Midwest. PDC has a leading market position in a secondary market with some of the strongest operating margins in our industry.” Mr. Dovigi continued, “The acquisition of PDC also provides us with the opportunity to advance our sustainability initiatives by unlocking significant value from landfill gas to energy projects at the PDC landfills, as part of GFL Renewables.”

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