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What Is Google My Business Page and Why Is It Important?

Do you have a small business that would benefit from an online presence and Google Reviews? Well, a Google My Business Page is free and easy to use for any kind of business! Google My Business is a free tool created for small businesses to develop their online presence and attract the audience they truly want. 

The first impression you give to customers is crucial for a successful SEO strategy. The good news is, a great first impression can come from your Google My Business Page! In today’s article, we will cover a Google My Business Page along with optimization tips and ways to maximize your results.

What Is A Google My Business Page?

Your GMB page is also the same as your business listing. Your page is what appears in local search and map results in Google. It gives the user the correct information about your business such as: address, hours, business category, and reviews. 

If Google recognizes that the user is searching for a local business or service, organic results will pop up with a map and a few local businesses at the top! These come before the pages and pages of websites below it. Meaning your website isn’t always going to be your first impression– It can be your GMB page. For many local businesses, searchers decide to become customers without ever visiting your business’s website!

What Is The Importance Of Having Your Own Business Listing?

  1. Helps Your Website Rank Better 

You’ve probably seen the “3-pack” before — when you are searching and are taken to the result page with a map and three local businesses underneath. By creating and optimizing your business listing, you are working towards ranking in the top three. 

Your business listing also shows up on a mobile device and Google Maps. With convenience being a big factor these days, 86% of consumers use Google Maps to find a local business. Therefore, you have another avenue to showcase your business and draw in a new customer!

  1. Engage With Your Audience

Your listing gives you a concrete way to connect with your audience. Within your business page, you can respond to reviews and answer questions. Additionally, by utilizing the posts section of your GMB page, you can give your customers insight into who you are and what you do.

Because all the information a customer needs is right in front of them– your listing gives them the option to further connect with you. They can book an appointment or give you a call with one simple click. 

  1. Reviews Increase Appeal 

One of the most important elements of a Google My Business listing is customer reviews. Reviews show up along with the rest of your information in Google Search, which means they are a critical factor in driving business to your site. If you think about your own search history, you will probably remember a time you chose one business over another solely based on better reviews. 

If you want consumers to trust you, reviews are the missing puzzle piece. Potential customers want to know what it’s like to use your service or buy your product. As long as you are delivering a quality experience, reviews should help you become more competitive in search.

  1. Gain Insights 

Google provides useful data for you to learn about your Google My Business page and the way it’s performing. Per Google, “Insights data includes views, searches, and actions from both organic search results and Google Ads.” 

One really cool feature within insights is that it helps you understand how customers found your listing. Whether that’s a direct search, branded search, or general discovery search– you can learn more about your customers and the way they interact with your business. 

  1. Strengthen Your Local SEO 

Perform local SEO tactics, like integrating relevant keywords, to generate high-quality traffic and conversions. Google has an algorithm that crawls and ranks your business in search results– keywords help Google understand what you’re about.

Allows You To Focus On Other Business Necessities 

Maybe you’ve been so focused on trying to get your business to grow, you’ve neglected other aspects of your business. For example, you’ve been trying to get managed print services for your company, but have not had time to get it streamlined. Or maybe, you’ve been wanting to thank your employees for their hard work, by giving them bonuses. Point is, once you’ve gotten your Google My Business Page Set Up, it will do the work for you, so you can focus on other important parts of your business!


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