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The Importance of Building a Robust IT Strategy

In this age and time, the rise of technology is pretty evident. The digitalization and excess use of the web demands businesses to mold their strategies and incorporate the latest technological practices into their overall business models for unprecedented success. 

If your company fails to focus on formulating a proper information technology strategy, it can critically disrupt the internal and external operations of your business. Therefore, considering IT strategy services for adapting to the up-to-date technology and integrating its use in business planning can improve and enhance the day-to-day work efficiency plus the structure of your overall business design.

Components of IT Infrastructure:

Components of the IT infrastructure include hardware, software, artificial intelligence tools, web resources, and network services. Corporations require these units to establish their IT infrastructure and manage their business operations.

With all this technology in place, firms can automate their data accumulation processes, keep up with their customers’ needs, remain head-to-head with the contemporary market trends, helping them stay one step ahead of their competitors.

How does an IT strategy framework connect to business growth?

A sought-out IT strategy framework that goes in line with the business objectives would automatically strengthen and sustain the organizational growth.

A corporation wanting to expand requires instant solutions to get the job done. Here, technology plays a huge part in supporting executives, managers, and employees to perform tasks with efficiency and accuracy.

Furthermore, IT supports your firm’s networking connections that cannot be compromised at any cost. From internet connectivity to firewall security, IT controls all the processes involved in the transference of the data.

IT Strategic plan:

Companies need to focus on the three points mentioned below to realize the value of a robust IT strategic plan.

Seamless Networking plan:

Businesses dealing in e-commerce usually use various online platforms to market and sell their products. Such enterprises cannot afford to have networking issues. For example, if the networking connection gets disrupted because you were using an unreliable network service provider, and the employees continue to take orders for products that are unavailable in the inventory, it will be a problem.

However, when you have a robust network setup, the employees can fulfill their job responsibilities efficiently, delivering fast and quick services to the customers. 

Latest IT trends and Market Research

You might not feel comfortable shifting or upgrading to modern technologies emerging every day in the market. However, adapting to the digital transformation is inevitable. The market researches and IT studies made by the experts exist to lead you towards the right course. 

For example, Blockbuster was one of a kind movies and video games rental service provider with 9,000 outlets and 84,000 employees worldwide. Blockbuster was above its competitors, thanks to its wide range of movie titles and video games. 

However, Netflix changed the game. The rise of on-demand streaming required Blockbuster to modify its business model and adopt the latest IT trend for meeting the emerging needs of the consumers. Unfortunately, it remained reluctant to change, bringing its downfall. 

On the flip side, you don’t have to feel the pressure of investing millions in the new setup quickly. You can start small by incorporating automation software or other AI tools to smoothen some of your company’s processes. It’ll help your venture familiarize and adapt to the IT trends little by little, preparing for the big changes in the future.

IT Strategy and Governance:

A clever and comprehensive IT strategy helps in shaping your venture’s future decisions and budget. It explains where you need the intervention of technology and how it can help your business to expand. Normally, IT consulting firms assess the organization’s current position and the role of technology at present. That’s how they come up with new plans that pave the way for the company’s growth.

Therefore, IT governance (formal framework) plays a huge role in aligning the information technology strategic goals with the business objectives. 

Case Studies:

Some companies are already enjoying successful business growth, thanks to smart IT strategies. According to McKinsey, ventures like RXR Realty, Levi Strauss, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Petrosea, and Majid Al Futtaim Retail saw immense growth after incorporating digital capabilities in their business models. 

McKinsey research shows, “Even before the global health crisis hit, 92 percent of company leaders surveyed by McKinsey thought that their business model would not remain viable at the rates of digitization at that time,” which goes to say, corporations that have already realized the gaps in their business models and explored the digital capabilities to close loopholes are walking towards a better tomorrow. 

Petrosea became one of the most profitable mining companies in the region, thanks to the intervention of AI tools, machine learning, and smart sensors that allowed the firm to smoothen its fleet management. Also, the company is investing in the development of AI-enabled digital tech to help find minerals like copper, gold, nickel, and lithium faster and efficiently. 


Whether you use technology in the form of various AI tools, software, social media applications, or hardware, you can employ its full abilities for boosting your business. Therefore, enterprises cannot afford to neglect the significance of building a robust IT strategy at any cost.  


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