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Managing an Enormous Workforce: Where to Start

Having a large workforce means there are many moving parts – and plenty of details to consider. 

A well-oiled machine will be productive, efficient and enable you to grow your business even more. However, if you don’t manage your workforce correctly it can have the opposite effect. 

There are some simple measures you can put in place, however, to improve employee productivity and efficiency and reduce the likelihood of errors or costly mistakes that could be detrimental to your business.

The Value of a Comfortable Workplace

Most people spend more than half of their waking hours at work, so great work culture and comfort are extremely important for every employee. The result will be a highly functional, healthy, and comfortable work environment.

There are many simple ways you can make the workplace more comfortable including office coffee machines and ergonomic office chairs.

Any company should not overlook the importance of comfortable working conditions. Employees are a business’s most important asset. It is a mistake that many companies make to not focus enough on their comfort.

Being uncomfortable hinders focus more than anything. At its worst, it occupies the mind entirely, drowning out everything else. Employees who are not focused will make mistakes. This could have serious consequences for everything from company budgets to employee safety.

When people are comfortable, they tend to be happier, and when they are happier, they tend to work harder, which improves workplace productivity. Many tough tasks will be easier to accomplish if a comfortable work environment is created.

You can extract a little more from your employees if they have a functionally comfortable workspace. A team of creatives needs a highly flexible and mobile workstation, whereas a team of developers might need more privacy to concentrate better.

Provide Health And Wellbeing Benefits

An overwhelming 87% of workers think their current employer should provide healthier workplace benefits. These can include wellness rooms, company fitness programs, sit-stands, healthy lunch options, ergonomic seating and healthy lunch options.

According to a survey, 93 percent of employees in the tech sector would stay longer at a company that offered healthy work environments, which included wellness rooms, fitness programs, sit-stands, healthy lunch options, ergonomic seating, ergonomic workstations and ergonomic chairs.

Introducing work health and wellbeing into organizational systems and culture will improve the health of employees and reduce chronic disease risk. Businesses can expect to see improvements in worker engagement, team cohesiveness, health behaviours, as well as energy and concentration levels in the near future.

You can expect a reduction in absenteeism over the long run, reduced workplace injuries, lower workers’ compensation costs, and a reduction in employee risk factors of up to 56 percent

Build Team Relationships

Teams must be able to trust one another in order to work together.

A Harvard study showed that people at high-trust companies report having 74 percent less stress, 106 percent more energy at work, 50 percent higher productivity, 13 percent fewer sick days, 76 percent greater engagement, 29 percent greater satisfaction with their lives, and 40 percent less burnout compared to people at low-trust companies.

The team should always be able to turn to one another when needed. When trust is built within teams, members are more likely to be autonomous and to accomplish their tasks independently.

Team building improves the productivity of individuals and organizations. Teams allow individuals to learn new skills as well as sharpen existing skills. Team members become more efficient, and they finish more work in less time as a result. Organizations that accomplish their goals faster and deliver their best are able to generate more revenue.

Team leaders should show that they are interested in their teammates and their work while attempting to build a productive working relationship. There is no need to make friends with everyone in the team, but you should show that you are aware of their role in the team. By ensuring everyone is invested in what you are trying to accomplish and pulling together, you will ensure that you achieve your goals.

Get feedback and be receptive to it

Management must be open to feedback from both the top and the people who report to them. Professional development is a vital part of career advancement and it doesn’t stop when you reach the upper echelons of management.

The benefits of positive and negative feedback include breaking bad habits, reinforcing positive behaviour, and helping teams to reach their goals more effectively.

Although it’s unlikely that you will offer an open forum for everyone within your remit to air their criticisms, it’s important to be open to feedback nonetheless. It is best to assign your management team or team-leaders the role of information gathering and to also encourage them to be honest in their evaluations.

Having an open attitude to feedback and a willingness to make improvements can win you a lot of respect from your colleagues.


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