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Solving B2B Business Goals with Twitter

Twitter is the center of the business world, where CEOs, company founders, and influencers are concentrated. On the one hand, it is a platform where people receive news and relevant information. On the other hand, it is a channel for establishing new contacts and achieving business goals. 

What goals does social media solve for B2B companies?
Today the B2B sector actively uses social networks and gets a good effect on sales. Traditional promotion tactics are gradually fading and it is more profitable for businesses to buy real Twitter followers than to open new offices.

For the B2B segment, social networks solve several objectives. The most important task is direct sales. Social networking is suitable for B2B businesses with a wide target audience. These are advertising business, an outsourcing industry, online products, wholesale trade, coaching business, etc.

The second task of social networks is to increase awareness so that a target audience associates the whole industry with your brand.

Another task is to counteract negativity. The information field of B2B companies is smaller than that of B2C companies, and a few negative reviews can interfere with the business activity. The most dangerous and difficult wave of negativity is the one behind your competitors, detractors, etc. When a person decides to buy, in most cases he looks for information about the company and in the B2B segment where the checks are very large, information is collected more thoroughly. According to statistics, if more than 40 percent of information people receive is negative, they do not perceive the company as a potential partner, supplier, etc. That’s why it is very important to neutralize negative information.

The next task is recruiting. Social networks are a huge field to work on and there are several tools for this, such as professional communities, opinion leaders, etc.

How to use Twitter for B2B sales?

There’s no doubt that Twitter offers B2B businesses the opportunity to engage their potential customer base, build brand awareness and interact with potential business customers from around the world. A fundamental Twitter marketing strategy is to understand what your target audience likes and dislikes.  You can analyze your competitors, use various analytical tools to identify different aspects of your customers, such as understanding their likes, locations, when they are most active on Twitter, etc. 

If you want to reach business goals on Twitter, keep in mind that long B2B sales cycles require a lot of content. Decision-makers like to be aware of updates, best practices in their field and are more likely to follow companies that demonstrate their experience, expertise, innovation, and fresh approach.

In case you want to raise brand awareness you need to use video format in tweets. The best works when you describe the problems most of your target audience faces and show how your product solves them. An effective format is a case, where your client tells how your solution helped him either save money or increase profits. Cases create social proof, which is one of the most effective triggers in B2B sales. 

If you want to gain credibility and influence people, it is worth increasing the scale of the audience on your account. That’s why people buy Twitter followers in the early stages of promotion to create fast results and raise loyalty among potential clients.

How to generate leads?

Twitter’s advertising platform is built entirely to meet business goals, so you pay only when you achieve results. If you want to promote tweets and get more likes and comments, you pay only for those actions. When you want to increase the number of followers you pay only for each new subscriber, other interactions are free. The same principle works if your goal is to get leads.

The best advertising solution for B2B sales is targeted advertising, which provides different ways to identify relevant audiences. To maximize the effectiveness of your ads, learn as much as possible about your audience. It is important to divide your target people into several segments in advance and create individual ads that match their interests.

An important step to improving lead generation is figuring out what stage of the marketing funnel your audience is at. If the users who see your post don’t yet know about your brand, you need to guide potential customers through the funnel using advertising campaigns to introduce them to your brand and highlight your benefits.

To sum up, Twitter is a platform that connects to the business world and is an effective tool for B2B sales. When you plan your content strategies on Twitter, always start with the business goals you want to achieve. Begin to test and amplify strong tactics. Use Twitter analytics to see what works and what your target audience likes. Use different ways to grow organically and reach relevant audiences on Twitter with advertisements.


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