Are You Taking Advantage of Summer Business Opportunities?

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Swimming pool cleaning equipment – Image Courtesy of Pixabay

With the better weather comes summer business opportunities. Most people just want to enjoy the sun, and there are many things they would rather pay someone else to do.

Home Renovation Projects

Summer is the busiest time for home renovation projects. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most common rooms to get makeovers. And both of these rely on plumbing. As an expert plumber, summer can be a goldmine. The renovation season means you can take advantage of the increased demand. If you don’t have the time or resources to put yourself out there, hire an agency that specializes in marketing for plumbers. These are great for leads and bookings for anything you can do, like installing appliances, fixing leaks, and air conditioning restoration.

Car Cleaning Services

People love to get out and about in their cars in summer. But the summer is no different than any other season. The intense sun can impact how a vehicle looks, inside and out. For example, UV rays can make the paint look dull, and headlights can become foggy. Additionally, the interior will get dirtier than usual because of the children and journeys to places like the beach. So it’s probably the best time to offer car cleaning services. And you don’t need to be a professional. All you need to know is how to wash a car properly, and how to apply wax.

Summer Business Opportunities Include Vehicle Detailing

Moving on from servicing cars, another thing people love to do is show off their pride and joy. And a popular way of doing this these days is with vehicle detailing. However, unlike washing cars, you need to know what you are doing for this one. But because of that fact, you can make a bit more money. Vehicle detailing is similar to washing cars. However, it’s more in-depth and requires more knowledge and skill. In essence, you are making the car look as good as it possibly can like it just rolled off the factory floor. Luxury and sports car owners love this.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Of course, there’s nothing better than a dip in the pool when the sun is beating down, and the heat goes up. There are over 10 million homes with a swimming pool in the USA alone, with the most being in Arizona, Florida, and Nevada, rather unsurprisingly. So, if you live or operate in a hot state or even a state that gets decent sun in the summer, like Maine, you can make a fortune. Cleaning pools requires some skill and a little knowledge of which products you need. But you don’t need a license to clean pools. But you need a contractor’s license to repair them.

Dog Walking

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t own a pet. And the most common pets are dogs. Everyone loves dogs, and because of this, you can seize the opportunity for business. Although the kids are off in summer, parents still have to go to work. And the last thing the kids want to do when the sun’s out is walk the dog. So they will either be in the garden, swimming pool or out with friends. That’s where you come in. If you have a passion for dogs and know how to get them to behave, you’re already there. With some practice, you can walk around ten dogs.

Mobile Dog Grooming

Further to dog walking, people love taking care of their furry friends. But it’s a chore to come out to a grooming palace when you just want to laze in the sun, So why not take your business to your clients? Here are some of the benefits of a mobile dog grooming business:

  • You can focus your attention on one animal at a time.
  • The dog might be less stressed with no distractions.
  • Owners are there to help with the pet.
  • Dog owners will appreciate you coming to them, meaning better reviews. 
  • It’s more friendly and intimate for the pet owner.
  • You are also getting out in the sun.
  • Clients are more likely to give you a tip for coming out.

Mobile dog grooming is a great business on its own. Or it makes an excellent addition to an existing business. And being on the move means you can work to a schedule. But you can also get to clients who may not be able to bring in their dogs, such as the elderly or disabled.


People go on vacation all year round. But summer is by far the most popular time. The children are out of school, and the weather is great. So there’s no better time to hit the tarmac for a family road trip or jet off somewhere exotic. Yet with a vacation comes an empty house and a prime target for burglars. There’s no better deterrent than making a home look like there’s someone there. So, you can offer house-sitting for everyone in your neighborhood while they’re away. You don’t need to stay there. Just open the blinds, turn on lights, and water plants.

Looking After Children

This one requires a little more trust, and you will need a license in some places, but not all. However, most countries have an official register for childminding services, and you might be vetted for suitability. But if all is fine, you can help parents out by looking after the kids. Even in summer, parents still have to work, and they may not be able to get time off. This means there is a golden opportunity to watch the children during the summer days. A great attitude and a love of kids are all you need. So you can play all day, feed them and make sure they don’t get hurt.

Try Festivals for Summer Business Opportunities

Music festivals and concerts are loved by people all over the world. But the USA and UK have some of the biggest, like Glastonbury. In the UK alone, 34 million people attend music festivals throughout the summer. And that’s a lot of potential money. You can try tons of different businesses at a music festival, such as attractions and games, food vans, and even selling bottled water. Further, you could invest in higher paying opportunities such as official merchandise for artists playing. Or thrill rides that are commonplace in festivals these days.

Deliver Flowers

Flowers are seasonal. But some of the most beautiful flowers grow in the summer. These include begonias, Mandevilla, and portulaca. And summer flowers make great gifts for birthdays, get-well situations, and of course, weddings, which are massively popular in summer. Therefore, there is usually an increased need for stunning floral arrangements. While you may not be able to arrange a bouquet yourself, you can offer services for delivery. Try asking your local florist if they need help. Or sign up for eCommerce delivery for the likes of Amazon.

BBQ Cleaning Services

Finally, what better symbol of the finest season than the BBQ? BBQ food is fun to cook and impeccable to eat. You just can’t get that taste with your indoor oven in the kitchen. Yet if there’s one thing that people don’t like about BBQs, it’s cleaning them. Cleaning a BBQ is awkward and messy and takes some skill with the right tools. So naturally, many people will simply pay someone else to do it. You need no permits, no experience, and the tools you need are cheap. Just be prepared to put in some additional elbow grease for burned-on food.


You can take advantage of many summer business opportunities. These include home renovation, mobile dog grooming, and cleaning things like BBQ and swimming pools.

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