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Unlocking Swift Sales: Tips to Get Your Contracts Signed Today

How fast can you sell? This might sound like an innocent question, but more salespeople would agree that sales can be a slow-paced affair. According to experts, a single sale can take an average of 8 touches just to get to an initial meeting. This is only the beginning of the sales process. Naturally, sales experts can then utilize the meeting to drive interest, but the truth is, it is a long and winding process. 

Yet, there are important tips and tricks you can use to speed up the process and get your sales contracts signed rapidly. Sending a sales proposal to a lead can open the door to a long waiting period. Most B2B customers have a long, internal decision-making process, which, in turn, will affect sales pace. So what can you do to speed up the process and get your proposal agreed fast? Here are some tips. 

The power of email validation

Before even diving into the singing process, it’s crucial to law a strong foundation by emphasizing the importance of email validation. Ultimately, email validation strategies ensure that your sales team is using the right email address. Why does it matter? Because accurate email addresses are a point of contact and sales to your customers. This means that if the email address is incorrect or outdated, the sales team may not be able to follow their foolproof sales strategy. If you remember the 8 touches before a first meeting, those are designed to initiate the conversation, arouse curiosity, attract interest, and showcase how the business can solve customers’ problems.

Businesses must implement a robust email validation process to ensure their sales teams can reach the right inbox. This simple step can save time and effort towards a successful sale. 

An effective email workflow

You don’t turn leads into clients overnight. The foundation of every sales strategy is effective communication, which is where email activities can impact the speed at which contracts are signed. Sales emails need to capture the attention of the leads and gradually guide them towards the end goal: signing the contract. 

As such, it is crucial to work on designing workflow activities that can do just that. This typically includes the creation of segments in your email lists, allowing sales people to target different groups with highly-tailored content. The workflow is designed to nurture leads by sending them relevant informative content that gradually guides them through the sales funnel. So, when its time to send the proposal, leads are already primed for action. 

Get Your Contracts Signed

A browser contract editor

In today’s fast-paced world, agility is key. Sales teams need to be able to send a proposal ASAP to get it signed rapidly, and that means preparing the contract wherever you are. This is precisely where a browser-based text editor comes into play. It can be a game-changer for businesses to learn how to embed DocX editing in Next.js as it allows the salesperson to make mast-minute amendments and personalizations on the go. When the proposal aligns fully with a customers’ needs, it becomes easier to get it signed off.

For busy sales teams, being able to make edits on the go from any device can be the difference that gets the proposal accepted. Nobody wants to wait until they can get back to the office and have access to a laptop again. If you can rapidly and easily adapt the proposal to the situation, you become more likely to win a “yes”. 

An incentive for swift signatures

Why stop at sending the proposal when you can sweeten the deal for a potential client by introducing an enticing incentive that encourages them to sign promptly? Offering a discount or an exclusive bonus can create a win-win scenario, spurring leads into action while showcasing the business’s commitment to their satisfaction. 

Ultimately, everyone loves a good deal. So if you add an incentive for your leads to sign the contract as soon as possible, it can become the impactful motivation they need. Bear in mind that when it comes to incentives, salespeople need to be strategic. It is about offering something that doesn’t harm the business in the long term. This could be offering a discount for those who commit quickly as it can encourage immediate action. A 5% or 10% discount can be a well-placed carrot for early birds, for instance. Alternatively, early signers could also benefit from additional services that enhance their experience.  

One thing is crucial, however, when it comes to incentives: communication. It is important to clearly communicate the incentive throughout emails and within the proposal itself. It is something that leads need to be aware of so they are equipped to act upon it quickly. The deal should never be an unexpected surprise, but a known fact. 

Crystal-clear terms for quick signatures

Confusion is the enemy of swift contract signing. So, if you wish to expedite the process, you will need to ensure that all terms and conditions stated in the proposal are crystal clear. Leads need to be clear about what they are getting into and what they can expect from the business. So, while T&C are, of course, a legal necessity, it is not a place for legalese and complex jargon. Keep things clear and understandable. More importantly, there is a lot to gain in avoiding the small print after the signature, but instead including a summary of the most critical terms before the signature line. This not only gives leads a chance to review the proposal, but it also reassures potential signers too! 

Educational tutorial videos

When it comes to turning leads into satisfied customers quickly, nothing is more effective than tutorial videos. Videos are not just a supplement to the sales strategy. They can become a powerful tool that addresses potential concerns and eliminates doubts for your target audience. 

Indeed, the sales team can use tutorial videos to provide a visual and information guide that answers key questions and removes the reservations that your leads may have. A video can offer a clear, step-by-step demonstration of what happens after they sign the contract, when they can expect to receive the services or goods, how to effectively use them, etc. 

When it comes to sharing knowledge, videos play a pivotal role in enhancing transparent communication and building trust. After all, nobody would want to sign a proposal without knowing what to expect. The moment leads have access to comprehensive information, they are more likely to feel confident about your business. 

Tutorial videos are a valuable resource that has a dual purpose. On the one hand, they can speed up the sales process. And on the other hand, they also boost the business’s reputation, enhancing customers’ experience even before they sign the proposal. 

Built trust with real reviews

Nothing speaks louder than the words of satisfied customers. Displaying real reviews and testimonials from past clients can go a long way in building trust. These testimonials will act as the social proof you need to assure your leads that they are making the right choice by signing the proposal. 

So, it’s important for the sales team to be able to display positive reviews and testimonials as part of their communication, either in emails, on the website, and even within information videos. Ultimately, the more leads get to see the positive experiences of others, the more likely they are to want to sign the proposal fast. 

Give access to a contact person

Communication is key in the sales process, and leads need to be able to reach out to a trusted contact with all their questions. So, it’s important for sales teams to keep the communication open by sharing their contact information early in the process, or by assigning a dedicated contact person who can provide personalized support to the leads. 

In conclusion, getting a proposal signed doesn’t have to take a long time. Many sales teams can adjust their sales strategy and get their contracts signed fast. 


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