performance unleashed

Performance Formula: Cutting leashes to increase results

Whether in a sporting feat or a sales opportunity, “just do it” just doesn’t cut it. In this video, Jason Forrest, Chief Sales Officer for Forrest Performance Group, examines the missing piece to Nike’s inspirational mantra. Performance equals knowledge minus leashes. The more we learn (processes, skills, beliefs), the more we should be able to accomplish. But we come up short because of […]

B2B Success: Unleashing Your Sales Partners

In the B2B world, the key is selling through your channel partners—not to them. In this video, Jason Forrest, Chief Sales Officer for Forrest Performance Group, explains how this shift in thinking revolutionizes our approach and brings increased sales. He coaches business leaders to consider what we would say directly to the customer. Then we […]

Video: 3 types of buyers and how getting them right will change your life

Applying the right sales strategy with the right buyer is key—and the first step is knowing (really knowing) our buyers. In this video, I explain a four-step process to ranking prospects and getting the sale. I provide a simple breakdown of three kinds of buyers, shares the strategy and selling message for each category, and end the video by […]