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Interbrand Breakthrough Brands: Recognizing Next-Generation, Disruptive Brands

Interbrand announced its second annual Interbrand Breakthrough Brands report in partnership with New York Stock Exchange (NYSE),Ready Set Rocket, and Facebook this week. The 2017 report recognizes 40 next-generation, disruptive brands that define progress and the potential to grow. The report complements Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands report, now entering its 18th year, by putting a spotlight on emerging brands—those that […]

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Create Your Startup Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Guide

Creating a marketing strategy is crucial for your startup, company or organization to address the right message to your buyers/users personas. It’s important to define a marketing strategy for your startup in order to have a marketing plan and be on the right path to success. How do you create your startup marketing strategy? Should […]

Harnessing the Kinetic Commerce Model for B2B: It’s all about personalization

When it comes to reaching customers, personalization is increasingly important. Traditional advertising and social media can still be a big part of any strategy, yet customers seek richer, more engaging experiences. That’s why the Kinetic Commerce model, a platform designed for B2C commerce, might have potential for B2B companies. What’s Kinetic Commerce? The Toronto-based company’s […]

Our Man at Martech 2016: Archived tweets from Derek Handova’s conference coverage

Martech USA is running from March 21 to 23 in San Francisco. Our correspondent Derek Handova is there. In case you missed his live tweets from today’s sessions with John Hardy of Disney and Theresa Regli of Real Story Group @B2Bnewnetwork, here they are collected in chronological order. John Hardy, Director of Marketing Sourcing, The Walt […]

B2B Solution of the Week: How your company should find its next employees

As we enter the New Year, B2B firms should do themselves and their potential employees a favor. Instead of extending out the hiring process looking for the “perfect” candidate, they should decide on one of the many “good” applicants who are ready and able to start working immediately. Because as Confucius, Shakespeare, Voltaire and others […]

Why London isn’t the only hotspot in the UK tech sector

London remains the dominant city in the U.K.’s vast technology sector, but other cities surrounding the London area and beyond are experiencing considerable growth, says a new report from KPMG, a global professional services company. According to the company’s latest Tech Monitor/UK, British tech companies remain vibrant and optimistic as one new tech enterprise is […]

Women in B2B: Vicki Saunders on her plan to help support female-run businesses

This is the next instalment of our new profile series on B2Bnn: Women in B2B, sponsored by SqueezeCMM. With these profiles, you’ll learn about the careers and business goals of inspiring female leaders in the B2B industry.  A new project aiming to meet the tremendous need for and by female-led ventures will be giving five Canadian businesses a […]

Yukon’s startup scene to get a boost with new partnership

The Yukon may not be the first place one thinks of when it comes to startup scenes, but the partnership between YuKonstruct Makerspace Society and Startup Canada should help boost the arctic region’s  nascent scene. The partnership, BetaKit reports, includes YuKonstruct and (co)space — both under the umbrella of the YuKonstruct Makerspace Society — and Startup […]