Yukon’s startup scene to get a boost with new partnership

The Yukon may not be the first place one thinks of when it comes to startup scenes, but the partnership between YuKonstruct Makerspace Society and Startup Canada should help boost the arctic region’s  nascent scene. The partnership, BetaKit reports, includes YuKonstruct and (co)space — both under the umbrella of the YuKonstruct Makerspace Society — and Startup […]

Study: 86% of Canadian SMB owners see a sunny future in 2016

Whether we’re facing a recession or an economic boom in 2016, the majority of small business owners still believe their prospects are looking upwards, says a recent survey. According to Meridian Credit Union’s 2015 Small Business Banking in Ontario Study, 86 percent anticipated growth next year, and 43 percent said they planned to hire more next year, […]

Big Data startup wins top spot at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015

After days of presentations and deliberations, TechCrunch announced Wednesday winner of its Disrupt SF 2015 startup competition — Agrilyst, an agriculture company that uses big data to help out greenhouse farmers. As the winner, Agrilyst will take home $50,000 and the Disrupt Cup. The competition began with 1,000 startups, narrowed down to 25 by TechCrunch. […]

B2Bnn Reviews: Battle of the September conferences, Inbound vs Dreamforce

A new feature we’re introducing reviews two major services/products or events ideal for B2B professionals, and in this debut column we look at what two major tech conferences have to offer in the coming weeks. Welcome to the B2Bnn Reviews report comparing the Inbound and Dreamforce conferences. First, some context. Inbound, run by Hubspot, runs […]

The TalentEgg story: Knowing the right time to sell your company

While Lauren Friese says there are no hard and fast rules for selling a business, she noticed the signs indicating the time was right to sell TalentEgg, the company she founded in 2008. Among the leading indicators were two factors: Friese recognized that her personal contribution to TalentEgg’s success was becoming less important, and there was […]

The motivational quotes inspiring today’s B2B CEOs

Let’s face it, we all love to be inspired. Motivational mottos help keep us B2B professionals focused on our goals, our ideas. They empower us to succeed in our careers, especially when we’ve lost focus. So what inspires today’s B2B business leaders? B2Bnn asked some of the top CEOs in the B2B space which quote or motto they regularly turn to when […]

TED Talk Takeaways: Successful startups are always timely

Welcome to a new regular feature B2Bnn is debuting today! With TED Talks Takeaways, we’ll sum up the main points in new TED Talks presentations ideal for business leaders, tech watchers and social media mavens. Our first installment looks at this six-minute presentation from Idealab’s Bill Gross where he discusses the five elements of start-up success. Gross is the CEO […]

Why Lithuania may be the next IT hotspot

Recently we have seen reports of B2B companies moving into Lithuania’s borders and setting up shop. Google is also establishing a presence in the small Baltic state. How did this country with a population of about 3 million become such a strong magnet for business and tech?  Heavy investment in STEM, creating business-friendly environment Skilled talent and investment in […]