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B2B Social Index: B2B social marketing, understanding conversion strategy, standout marketing videos

Welcome back to our weekly Wednesday special. Today we’re highlighting what’s buzzing in B2B on social media. Whether it’s about marketing, big data, social media or anything else B2B-related, we choose the best tweets, articles, podcasts and infographics and bring them to you in this brief recap. We use the cutting-edge social analysis tool Nexalogy to sift and sort through all those posts so you don’t have to.

Jumpstart your company’s Q2 this week with intel on planning and executing successful social media strategies, building better conversion plans, optimizing technology marketing approaches and more. We’ll even show you 13 great B2B marketing videos that can help you improve your customer engagement.


B2B Social Media/Marketing

Jeffrey L. Cohen at Social Media B2B reports a remarkable study from competitive intelligence firm TrackMaven analyzing “12 months of content from 316 leading B2B brands on five key social networks to understand how the best B2B marketers move the needle with social media.” The researchers studied B2B social media audience size over numerous industries and found that professional services led all sectors by far, and that LinkedIn was far and away the social network with the largest number of followers of B2B companies.

B2B Social Media

How do best-in-class brands plan and execute their social media strategies? Joshua Nite of TopRank Marketing Blog examines how brands with a solid B2B social media strategy are finding and engaging audiences across social media. While there is a growing trend toward the more casual, less business-oriented sites like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, LinkedIn remains the lynchpin of social strategy. Nite cites the aforementioned TrackMaven report in his analysis and concludes that savvy social strategists are shifting toward the more visual platforms to better engage with prospects and customers while maintaining their robust presence on more traditional sites.

B2B Marketing  

Impact Branding and Design’s Ramona Sukhraj selected 13 awesome B2B marketing videos that can serve as case studies in customer engagement. Sukhraj asserts that a great B2B video will be concise, tell a story, focus on benefits over features and star real employees and customers whenever possible. She cites GoToMeeting’s GoToWebinar, Oracle Eloqua, and LinkedIn Business Solutions among her exemplars. Taulia, HubSpot, SAP and other luminaries also made the cut.

B2B Analytics

Some products require a very specific conversion strategy. Chris Attewell at Search Engine Watch explains how digital marketers can better understand which clicks are converting to sales and not just generating interest. But how do marketers accomplish this when lead-to-sale conversion rates are usually inconsistent across various campaigns, keywords and channels? Ad platforms like AdWords and Doubleclick and analytics tools including Google Analytics and its competitors are invaluable tools for campaign optimization. However, the best solution involves using your analytics platform to store data about offline activity and conversions born from online journeys. Shared IDs between online sessions and CRM databases are essential, and digital marketers can utilize ID tracking to implement sharing.  

B2B Tech Marketing  

HubSpot’s Valerie Levin’s listicle is for B2B tech marketers who want to understand the real value of the technology they promote. Levin lists 10 tips that can help every B2B tech marketer optimize their approach, including proper timing, content curation, personalization, knowing the difference between value and specifications and thorough understanding of the competition. Levin also cautions marketers to be vigilant of what tech customers want in their content and messaging.

If you missed last week’s edition written by Sarah Dawley, head here to check it out. As always, if you have any B2B content we think we should share next week, let us know below or via @b2bnewsnetwork. We love hearing from you!


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