Wanted: Contributors With B2B Flair

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Do you like to write? Want to gain public exposure, or build your brand? Do you have a strong opinion on where your market is headed or changing? Spotted a new trend and think it’ll make an impact in B2B? Or do you have something to say on social monitoring services and want to review the top-notch firms and bash the worst you’ve tested?

B2B News Network, a news outlet dedicated to reporting on trends and perspectives on B2B news around the world, is looking for regular contributors to join our team. We are interested in:

  • CEOs experienced in writing blog posts about their industry’s trends
  • Marketers with experience in content marketing, mar-tech, analytics, Big Data, etc. who can speak intelligently about the issues affecting their career/industry
  • Journalists with experience writing on marketing, advertising, social media, analytics, innovation and leadership
  • Business authors recognizing the seismic shifts affecting marketing, ad-tech, B2B social media, etc.
  • Any of the above to cover marketing and advertising conferences affecting B2B companies. We are interested in recap reports and live-tweeting coverage
  • Our reports are told in a variety of formats: straight hard news reports, Op-Ed columns, company profiles, executive profiles, Q&As, video interviews, conference coverage, infographic coverage, recaps of B2B podcasts and TED Talks, video interviews, photo slideshows, illustrations, etc.

If you are interested in contributing to B2BNN, please email our Executive Editor Kris Schulze at kschulze@b2bnn.com, with your experience and any published work relevant to B2B.

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