Most Common Instagram Myths For Business

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Many people see Instagram as a platform used only by teens wanting to share selfies with friends. Businesses are hesitant to start marketing there because they fear they might not find their target audience on Instagram. This couldn’t be further from the truth because Instagram has over 800 million users, and more than half of them check their Instagram feed regularly.

The reality is that many companies and businesses recognize the importance of Instagram in modern marketing. A large number of brands have profiles, and communicate with their customers on a daily basis. One recent study uncovered that 70.7% of international companies had included Instagram advertising in their marketing strategy. Instagram users are welcoming of brands. A total of 80% follow at least one major company or business.

Relying on a single social media profile and hoping it will boost the traffic to your website is just not enough anymore. A savvy marketer knows how to attract a broad audience and make customers interested in their brand. Instagram allows you to share photos and videos. Some companies might shy away from this social media platform because they do not have any physical products to advertise via images. But you only need a little bit of imagination, and you will be able to promote services too. Don’t forget to use hashtags because they are the essential part of Instagram. It is a great way to make your business noticeable because seven out of ten hashtags are directly connected with a brand or an ad campaign.

Instagram is a valuable addition to your marketing strategy. What’s preventing you from using it to advertise your business? Proessaywriting created a useful infographic that describes the ten most common myths surrounding Instagram. It will provide you with enough information that will make you change your mind about Instagram advertising and realize it is not a waste of money.

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Lucy Benton

Lucy Benton

Lucy Benton is a marketing specialist, business consultant who currently works at She helps people to turn their dreams into profitable business, and now she writes for marketing and business resources. Lucy also has her own blog ProWritingPartner where you can check her latest publications.