InsideView product exec says Data Integrity will address B2B firms’ cleansing and visualization needs

InsideView Data Integrity
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InsideView is continuing its quest to win over former customers of Salesforce’s customer base by introducing Data Integrity, a tool it says will both cleanse sales information while making it easier to create dashboard-style visualizations.

San Francisco-based InsideView said Data Integrity will unify customer profiles with standardized and clean data which can then be fed into territory assignments, account hierarchies and e-mail validations. Features like lead-to-account mapping, meanwhile, are designed to ensure reps focus on the best customer opportunities.

The launch of Data Integrity follows a data diagnostic tool and an artificial intelligence application to match companies and customers InsideView brought out in July. The company has been aggressively positioning itself as an alternative to’s Clean and Prospector, products Salesforce has traditionally offered to help firms fuel their customer relationship management (CRM) but which will be officially retired next year. (Disclosure: I provide content marketing services to Salesforce in Canada). 

According to InsideView director of product Adam Perry, some of the features of Data Integrity came from worried customers who wanted a seamless transition once is no longer available. 

“It certainly had an impact,” Perry told B2B News Network. “That said, InsideView has seen a strong need in the market for a better Data Management offering for some time now.” 

Because Data Integrity is updating and appending critical data to CRM records that both teams care about, meanwhile, Perry said groups like sales and marketing can be aligned to a single source of truth. There are also a number of business process workflows that InsideView Data Integrity supports that are important to both sales and marketing, so they can breathe easier, he said.

“When teams have the right tools and the best information available, it’s easier to get on the same page, which is what alignment is all about,” Perry added.

Data Integrity also reflects the fact that there is a huge thirst to consume data in a more visual way, said Perry, pointing to a Forbes article on data visualization focused on Infographics that said 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are known to improve learning and retention by 400%. 

“Operations wants to understand not only the state of their CRM today, but how it is changing over time,” Perry said, promising that Data Integrity will arm them with “ready to present” visualizations to help drive strategic decisions.

InsideView also sees Data Integrity and approaches such as account-based marketing (ABM) “strongly coupled,” given that the selection of ABM accounts typically comes from analysis of existing best customers to build an “Ideal Customer Profile.”  

“InsideView Data Integrity is a crucial part of providing the underlying data for that analysis, and to make those profiles as rich as possible,” Perry said. “On the execution front, as ABM campaigns begin to attract inbound leads, Data Integrity offers lead to account mapping, so revenue teams can take action.”




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