Infographic: B2B e-commerce sales to reach $1.1 trillion by 2020

This staggering stat should encourage  B2B firms with an e-commerce strategy. The infographic with the figure of B2B e-commerce revenue reaching $1.1 trillion US by 2020 comes courtesy research firm Sullivan, but they also included some other key findings. In a survey, 94 percent of B2B buyers wanted to know where and how to make an immediate […]

Hashtag Team: Using analytics to power B2B sales teams, generating leads with LinkedIn

This week, B2B News Network’s Hashtag Team returns to sifting through Twitter to uncover what’s trending among B2B insiders. We bring you reports on how modeling ensembles combine algorithms to boost performance, how analytics are essential to B2B sales teams, generating more leads using LinkedIn, and more. As usual, we sort and analyze our data via Nexalogy, a […]

Podcast Recappers: How business success comes through perseverance

On this week’s edition of Podcast Recappers we look at another episode of Xero Hour with Bob Knopp and Saul Colt. In this seventh instalment of the show Colt interviews radio and podcast personality Jesse Thorn about how his broadcasting success could inspire anyone in business. Thorn is the host of NRP’s Bullseye podcast, which examines […]

Why your business needs to plan for emergencies

Though you likely can’t foresee a tragedy, there are ways to minimize the damage of disasters, from economic fallouts to weather catastrophes. Think: the floods in Alberta, Oklahoma tornadoes, the Toronto-area flood in 2013, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses can be most vulnerable to sudden financial bumps and being prepared is the best […]

IBM launches new hardware, software products for enterprises

IBM unveiled a slew of hardware and software products aimed at hybrid cloud enterprises. The new releases include power system servers, software, and storage solutions, as well as a new licensing strategy that IBM said will be more flexible for cloud customers. As ZDNet writes, “The aim for IBM is to use these hybrid deployments, primarily based on OpenStack, […]

LinkedIn adds new analytics platform

LinkedIn released a new analytics platform recently, giving users a view at data relating to content published  via the app Pulse over the last six months. Users can learn how many views, likes, shares, and comments their posts receive, and they can also search for specific days of the week and select a variety of demographic breakdowns such […]

Hashtag Team: What’s trending in a busy week of tech conferences

This week, B2B News Network recaps highlights from an unusually busy week in tech conferences and conventions. From the annual SAP-sponsored SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando to Microsoft’s Ignite to the Internet of Things-centric LiveWorx and more, we zero in on highlights from this week’s bumper crop of industry-leading events. As always, we tip our hat to […]

The most reputable brands in the world are…

BMW Group and Google top the list of an influential brand reputation survey which also sees B2B firms such as Intel make inroads. The Global RepTrak, prepared annually by the Reputation Institute, scores the top 100 companies on seven reputation factors – innovation, performance, leadership, workplace environment, governance, corporate citizenship along with products and services – […]

B2B Podcast Recappers: Striving for ‘unperfection’

In today’s B2B Podcast Recapper we take a look at episode four of Xero Hour with Bob Knopff and Saul Colt. In this edition, Colt interviews marketing and branding expert Rohit Bhargava about how to recognize business trends, and what it takes to create a winning brand. And we’ll learn exactly what “unperfection” means for your business. Bhargava […]

SAP promises a ‘roadmap to simple’ with new apps launch (Sponsored)

In a bid to mirror the simplicity of consumer app stores, multinational software company SAP has launched SAP Digital, a collection of “digitally native” software applications which is aimed at business owners, salespeople, business analysts, human resources and talent managers and developers. Just like music, e-books, and apps on the consumer side, SAP seeks to make […]

What you need to know about this week’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference (Sponsored)

The 2015 SAPPHIRE NOW Annual Conference, sponsored by SAP, is in full swing in sunny Orlando, Florida. This event is billed as “the ultimate opportunity to maximize your SAP investment and find solutions to your most pressing business challenges.” It features face-to-face interactions with executives, industry thought leaders and experts, peers, and SAP partners. Among the […]

Where is programmatic advertising headed in Canada?

Now that programmatic advertising is gaining favour with agencies and publishers, let’s look at where Canada stands on this burgeoning trend. What’s the future of programmatic in Canada? [Editor’s Note: Be sure to also read our previous report on the state of programmatic in Canada] There were two major findings from the Microsoft Ad Exchange […]

Will Google’s new DoubleClick Audience Center help advertisers better target their ads?

Google is already a major player in the world of digital advertising, but it’s about to get bigger. Adweek reports that it’s now testing a data management platform which will act as an all-in-one product for its DoubleClick advertising services. The new product is called DoubleClick Audience Center. It will help connect brands to people […]