Stop just collecting customer feedback. Do something with it!

Businesses understand that measuring the quality of the customer relationship is important, as well as finding out why our loyal customers are happy. Yet if it looks like we’re not doing anything with that information, clients are loathe to give it. Whitney Wood of the Phelon Group, a consultancy that focuses on helping companies better relations with […]

How being multilingual can give you a competitive edge

Many B2B executives have found that expanding their linguistic horizons has also expanded their customer base. The importance of multilingualism was driven home lately in an article by Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation, who recently wrote The 6 Top Languages Global-Minded CEOs Should Know. He not only makes the case for multilingualism in the […]

Why diversifying your workforce can elevate your company to the next level

Learning about different cultures is one way to broaden your problem-solving skills, become more creative and enhance business interactions, according to research cited by Adam Galinsky and researchers at Columbia Business School. Galinsky and colleagues explain that the more exposed you are to multiculturalism, the likelier you’ll be able to produce new ideas in the corporate sphere. Why? Communication methods […]

The 6 employee incentives that could make your team more dedicated, loyal

Smart CEOs realize that the strength of their company relies heavily on the commitment and dedication of its employees. Looking beyond compensation, incentives and employee benefits are instrumental in attracting and retaining top talent. When it comes to incentives, the tried-and-true cash bonuses and employee of the month awards (who doesn’t love a pretty plaque on the wall?) […]

Would you hire a corporate-sponsored artist for your company?

Facebook pays artists to create murals that will cover their headquarters’ walls. Autodesk invites artists to spend months working in their facilities, offering them a stipend and funds for their materials. Siemens created a musician-in-residence program through its hearing aid division, and Honeywell is also considering dipping its toes in the artist residency idea well. It […]

Big city or small suburb: Where should you base your B2B company?

At first glance, the advantages of headquartering a B2B company in a major metropolitan area are almost too numerous to list. From workforce size and media attention, to civic and business infrastructure, to diversity of client base, and even culture and entertainment options, cities, it would seem, are where any B2B exec would first want to consider […]

Why your business needs a customer advisory board

Guest post by  Brian Crotty, Chief Operating Officer at Broadview Networks All successful companies experience change and a natural evolution as they grow, whether that includes mergers, reorganizations, a new product niche or shifting business goals. As businesses continually redefine what makes them successful, it is vital that they regularly source customer feedback as part […]

The 10 most insightful quotes from Wolff Olins’ CEO report

How is today’s CEO thinking about corporate culture and business success differently than yesterday’s leader? A new report from brand consultancy firm Wolff Olins surveyed 43 global CEOs to learn how their careers have been influenced by technology, new ways to educate staff, and a perspective shift that has revolutionized the position. Interviewed CEOs include AOL’s Tim […]

Inside the pros and cons of being a mentor

In theory, mentorship is a positive concept. It is the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with people looking for guidance, insight and encouragement. The reality, however, is mentoring requires an investment in time and energy. It is not as simple as connecting with an entrepreneur who wants some help. Like any relationship, a mentorship […]

What CEOs should know about the value of advisory boards

What are the benefit of bringing an advisory board to your firm? That was the discussion at a session recently held at Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District, lead by Tony Redpath of MaRs and Karan Walia of mobile ad platform Cluep. Redpath mentors entrepreneurs at MaRS, with an emphasis on environmental, advanced materials and manufacturing markets. MaRS Discovery District, launched in 2005, helps […]

The 5 sub-reddits every CEO should be reading daily

It’s easy to label reddit another distraction that could easily eat up your hours. But with decisive forethought and understanding of what this massively popular network has to offer, you can ensure you’re hip to the latest trends in business, marketing, venture capital and more. Today we present the top five sub-reddits (or communities within reddit) […]

Why being married makes you a better entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs often apply their life skills to their sales and marketing, and the acquired lessons from marriage are no different. The business professionals we spoke to explain how their marriage helped them become stronger entrepreneurs…and how running their own companies helped their relationships. Eric Gilboord, of Toronto-based WarrenBDC, helps Boomer-aged business owners to sell or transition out of their […]