David Billson

Inside The Mind Of… David Billson

CEO of rTraction Canada, David Billson has deployed Internet-related solutions and technologies to enhance efficiencies for businesses of all sizes. Throughout his career, he has managed all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from requirements analysis to software production, to quality assurance. He explains that early on he quickly fell into roles where he was […]

phone marketing millennials

The Phone Habits of Millennials – and How to Market to Them

Millennials have become the biggest generation in history with an estimated 13.8 million populating the UK today. However, despite being one of the most studied demographic groups, several brands admit they are still unsure on how to develop a strategy that both caters for and engages with millennials. Approximately 84% of millennials now possess a […]

The top productivity apps for any C-suiter

In this globally-connected marketplace, it is important to find tools to help your company stay organized and connected, and apps are ideal tools due to their accessibility and rapidly evolving innovation. In a recent article in The Guardian on the top apps for boosting business productivity, the author notes that “apps for smartphones and tablets are playing […]