influencer relationship building

Influencer Relationship Building: Panel Discussion at Authentic Marketing Conference

The sphere of marketing is changing drastically, relying more and more on the nuances of digital outreach, according to several experts at the recent Authentic Marketing Conference. “Influencers” –social media, branding and marketing leaders – spoke on how companies can ramp up corporate public profiles. The annual conference took place in Los Angeles, Apr. 28, […]

Nominations open for B2B News Network’s American B2B Content Marketing Influencer Index

Recently, we ran our Canadian B2B Marketing Influencer Index. When we put out the call for nominations, we got an amazing response – the best we’d ever seen. And every nomination was well deserved, as we believe that behind every successful B2B organization is a dedicated marketer. Now it’s time to feature our neighbours south […]

Growth Marketing Conference: How Silicon Valley gurus and CMOs hack growth

Everyone in the B2B world has heard about proverbial Silicon Valley garage startups that grew into the likes of Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard and many other household names. But exactly how did those firm founders and first chief marketers do it? At the  Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco, several successful entrepreneurs revealed the secrets of their […]