Live from MarTech: What every CMO should do to go digital

What’s the number one worry on the minds of CMOs in the digital age? Fear of losing ground, of falling behind in digital savviness, of becoming irrelevant. No marketing executive ever wants to hear anyone say, “Sorry, but what you’re offering just isn’t relevant anymore.” Social and mobile are the air we breathe these days. Brand […]

What’s the state of programmatic in Canada? A case study with Slimcut Media

Programmatic is a growing sector of the Canadian online advertising landscape, with video and mobile ad spends at the head of a notable upswing. Yet this method of automated advertising, which is still largely misunderstood, lags behind its U.S. counterpart. But some publishers in Canada aren’t content to wait on the sidelines. Enter Upscale, Slimcut […]

Hashtag Team: The next trend in analytics, rise of content marketing

What’s trending this week in the B2B Twittersphere? To find out, B2B News Network has partnered with Nexalogy, a Montréal-based social data analysis platform whose NexaMaster analytics tool allows us to sift and sort through every tweet out there to bring you news you can use. This week, we feature links to informative posts on […]

What to look for when you hire a social media manager

Smart companies are leveraging multiple social media platforms as part of their overall strategies, and are bringing on board talented, progressive staff to manage their active online presence. But since social media is a relatively new arena, hiring someone to direct your online strategy can be challenging. What skills and attributes does a qualified candidate possess, and […]

What you need to know about B2B marketing automation platforms

Marketing automation platforms provide powerful suites of tools that aid marketers and sales teams in creating more effective campaigns, but how useful are they really? A newly released report from Digital Marketing Depot titled B2B Marketing Automation Platforms 2015: A Marketer’s Guide took a look at the state of this technology. It provides some guidelines […]

Why Instagram is the new Facebook…for marketers

If Facebook is the runaway hit of the social media world, Instagram is the blockbuster for businesses. Thanks to a study by Olapic, the visual marketing platform, we can learn deeper insights into why  Instagram is set to become the most powerful social media network of 2015. There are roughly 300 million Instagram users, up from 200 million in […]

Marketing Pro-Tip: How you can retarget with success

Retargeting with Google can be a powerful marketing tool. A new study from Marin Software looked at the challenges marketers face in Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, and came up with some actionable advice. The study gathered 223 enterprise marketers and inquired about their retargeting practices and techniques. To be clear, marketing retargeting is when you […]

Hashtag Team: B2B innovation, confronting sales challenges, why female execs are marginalized

What’s trending this week in the B2B Twittersphere? As we do every week, the Hashtag Team column analzyes Twitter to list what B2B insiders are discussing in marketing, advertising, Big Data, leadership and more! This week we feature posts on how to boost content reach using social media, five problems every B2B salesperson faces, and the gender gap […]

New study reveals that many B2B databases are painfully inaccurate

Many B2B marketers understand how essential data can be to their profession, but a new study has revealed that B2B databases contain a high amount of inaccurate or incomplete information. B2B marketing databases contain vital client information necessary to create effective campaigns such as phone numbers, addresses, titles, emails, and revenue. This year’s report found that […]

Why diversifying your workforce can elevate your company to the next level

Learning about different cultures is one way to broaden your problem-solving skills, become more creative and enhance business interactions, according to research cited by Adam Galinsky and researchers at Columbia Business School. Galinsky and colleagues explain that the more exposed you are to multiculturalism, the likelier you’ll be able to produce new ideas in the corporate sphere. Why? Communication methods […]

What you need to know about building (and maintaining) a B2B app

Many businesses face a specific set of challenges in creating stellar apps and maintaining them over the long term. As Hubspot writer Corey Eridon wrote, “Why allocate limited resources to a mediocre idea with results you can only guess at?” According to a report on business and productivity apps compiled last year, expected growth within the […]

How Microsoft abandoning the Internet Explorer brand could create mass confusion

Microsoft’s marketing chief confirmed at the company’s Convergence conference yesterday that the Internet Explorer web browser brand will be killed off with Windows 10 and replaced with the company’s new “Project Spartan.” Although not many expected the Internet Explorer name to be retained for Windows 10, its death has now been confirmed. The old web […]