social community

How Social Communities Anchor B2B Digital Programs

Imagine a US football team on the field without a quarterback. That’s what it’s like to be marketing and communicating online without a social community. The role that social communities can play in the marketing and communications process is woefully misunderstood. Many corporate community efforts tend to focus on community for one of three reasons: […]

digital risk monitoring

Cyber Security Month: Monitoring Your Social Media Risk

October is Cyber Security Month, so conversations around network, email, and cloud security are trending. What about exposure through social media? Does your enterprise monitor digital risk? Typically, as individuals we see social media as personal networking tools, but your company uses social media for marketing purposes as well. Companies want brand exposure, conversations with […]

Digital Marketing Workspace: CabinetM releases MyStacks

This month, Boston-based startup CabinetM announced the launch of MyStacks, a free, interactive tool which allows digital marketers to build, collaborate on, and discover new tools for their own unique marketing stacks. “We help marketers make critical technology decisions in a rapidly transforming digital environment,” says CabinetM cofounder Sheryl Schultz. “Our platform enables collaboration around […]

Hashtag Team: B2B content marketing tips, getting the most out of your sales team

Welcome back to B2B News Network’s Hashtag Team report, our weekly roundup of all the B2B news that’s fit to tweet. If it’s trending in B2B, you’ll hear about it here as we bring you the best of the business buzz with the help of Nexalogy, a cutting-edge social analysis platform. This week, get ready to […]

Hashtag Team: Adapting to digitally empowered customers, B2B Snapchat advice from Gary Vaynerchuk

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the most shared and buzzworthy content about all things B2B on social media, carefully curated by the Hashtag Team each week. If the thrill of a new social network is enticing for your business, Gary Vaynerchuk offers some advice for B2B organizations thinking of jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon. […]

Hashtag Team: Content marketing tips from Rand Fishkin, getting into the B2B blogging game

Welcome back to B2B News Network’s Hashtag Team, where your faithful aggregators curate all that’s newsworthy in the B2B twitterverse. Each week we bring you the best of the B2B buzz as sorted and sifted using the leading social analysis tool Nexalogy. This week, we’ll explore some content marketing tips, ways to improve your social selling, […]

Hashtag Team: Lead-gen love for LinkedIn, finding B2B social media success

Welcome to our round-up of the most shared and buzzworthy content about all things B2B on social media, carefully curated by the Hashtag Team each week. If you’re interested in gaining new leads or demand generation (what B2B organization isn’t?) then you’ll enjoy the first two articles that we found. Get the scoop on some […]

Hashtag Team: Making social work for B2B sales, the FinTech opportunity

Welcome to another episode of Hashtag Team, our weekly round-up of the top B2B trends surfacing on Twitter. This week we look at the role of social in B2B sales campaigns, organizing your content marketing calendar efficiently, the B2B opportunity in FinTech, and much more. As always, we harness the powerful tech of Nexalogy to help […]

Marketers, you’re spending too much time on emails, data collection

A new report suggests that marketers are focusing too much of their time on two tasks: data and emails. And this could be hurting their overall productivity. Sam Balter of HubSpot conducted a survey of professional marketers and discovered that they spend one-third of their 45-hour week conducting repetitive tasks. That’s a lot of time that […]