Why Businesses Need To Develop A Risk-Aligned Cloud Security Architecture

The cloud-based nature of modern businesses makes them more vulnerable to security threats. Cloud technology faces security risks such as phishing attacks, data leakage, malware attacks, and denial of service attacks. As such, business owners and managers must ensure their data are as secure as possible. Developing a risk-aligned cloud security architecture can help protect […]

Top 9 Cloud-Based Document Collaboration Tools in 2022

While most people have adapted successfully to the remote-working lifestyle, 2022 is about bringing greater efficiency to online collaboration processes. There has been a range of factors that have fostered the popularity of remote collaboration in the last decade, including globalization, cost-efficiency, flexibility, and the ability to harness a broader pool of talent.  Recent developments, […]

Best Cloud-Based LMS

5 Best Cloud-Based LMS To Look Out For

Cloud-based eLearning has opened new avenues for organizations and employees. It has allowed organizations to hire the best talent remotely and not worry about getting them ready for their job roles.  It has proven even more beneficial for employees by giving them flexibility and more control over their training processes. Cloud-based learning allows companies to […]

Risks of B2B Supply Chain Attacks and How to Combat Them

How Cloud Computing Changed Cybersecurity

There’s no doubt that cloud computing has changed the nature of communications and the nature of business over the last few decades. We have unprecedented tools to share data and communicate, which have changed how our society functions.  Unfortunately, as with any new development, some people look to take advantage of it. Cybercriminals and hackers […]

bare metal servers

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Bare Metal Cloud Services

Cloud services are essential for any modern business with significant online activity and storage needs. With the introduction of bare metal cloud services, every small business owner should reconsider using traditional cloud services. Traditional cloud services involve storing information on virtual servers that users share. Bare metal cloud services include storing data on physical servers […]

Is Your Organization Migrating to the Cloud? Here’s How to Prepare

By: Rebecca Leach Over the last year, enterprises pushed through digital transformation at three times the speed of pre-pandemic levels to meet rapidly changing business priorities. Given the rise of remote work and ecommerce, it’s no surprise a digital economy has become so prevalent today. As brands implement even more digital technologies throughout their business, […]

Planning Is Key To Unlocking Business Profitability And Maximizing Value With Cloud Deployments

Although most organizations (80 per cent) recognize cloud computing as being vital to their financial security, more than half (57 per cent) have encountered unexpected costs. These findings come from part three of the four-part Cloud Impact Study from Aptum, the global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider. The report, titled A Bright Forecast on Cloud, explores the […]