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Balancing Month-End (Goodbye Excel)

When you hear the words “month end process”, what do you envision? You probably picture someone, an accountant, or controller, someone like Bob Cratchett, hunched over the books, reconciling everything from receivables and payables, cash flow, budgets, and P&Ls. That may not be all that far from the truth. What is “month end”? Simply put, […]

Nominations open for B2B News Network’s American B2B Content Marketing Influencer Index

Recently, we ran our Canadian B2B Marketing Influencer Index. When we put out the call for nominations, we got an amazing response – the best we’d ever seen. And every nomination was well deserved, as we believe that behind every successful B2B organization is a dedicated marketer. Now it’s time to feature our neighbours south […]

3 Technology Features B2B Businesses Need to Keep Client Service Strong During Disasters and Disruptions

Let’s face it – disasters happen. And when disasters happen, businesses can suffer financial loss so significant that some never reopen. The average business loses an astonishing $5,000 per hour when they are down! According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated 25 percent of businesses never reopen following a major disaster. While the […]


B2B Solution of the Week: Trends and Successes in Martech Stack Building

With the recent and rumored announcements by B2B marketing and data analytics providers for cloud solutions that will build on top of Salesforce, Oracle and other SaaS platforms, the multi-relationship model of martech stack-building exists in high relief. And while vendors may be pushing a multi-relationship model, marketers may want to think carefully before pursuing […]


The Practical, Data-Driven Persona Approach You Can Use Right Now

The persona is a much-vaunted, much-maligned tool in digital marketing, helping marketers to define their audience. But most persona programs fall short for four major reasons: They’re fictional They don’t reflect the overall composition of the audience They aren’t data driven They don’t practically translate into marketing campaigns If your personas are not based on […]


Absolutdata launches AI-based sales tool

It’s the new technique in town, and everyone’s jumping on board. This week, it’s sales’ turn to go high tech as marketing and sales analytics company Absolutdata launches an artificial intelligence-based sales guidance tool. Launched Wednesday, NAVIK SalesAI provides each salesperson with a customized weekly game plan, allowing them to determine which leads to prioritize […]

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your SaaS Implementation

Before cloud computing, implementing software across large enterprises came with huge headaches that built resentment among users and executives. That’s changing now that Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions can halve the implementation time. Of course there’s the other big plus too: SaaS systems eliminate capital expenditures. Despite the significant advantages of cloud-based systems, SaaS […]

3 Reasons Why Moving to the Cloud All at Once is Better than a Phased Migration

Many B2Bs are recognizing the benefits of outsourcing communications solutions management to a third party, and considering switching from legacy premises systems to cloud unified communications (UC) as the basis for their communications infrastructure strategy. According to Frost and Sullivan, primary drivers for adoption of hosted communications remain faster access to advanced features and capabilities […]

The Possibilities and Limits of “Gut Instincts”: Celebs and B2B execs disagree

Some 15,000 entrepreneurs gathered in Chicago recently for the annual Sage Summit. Attendees came from around the globe to learn of the latest innovations in the B2B, accounting and tech spheres. Celebrity keynotes included entrepreneur/actors Gwyneth Paltrow and Zooey Deschanel. Their messages were very different from those of the B2B execs who rounded out discussions. […]

What every B2B exec needs to know about intellectual capital management

It’s not just about patents, copyright and intellectual property. What your people know, your unique business practices and products, your company culture, your brand status and corporate reputation are all part of your B2B firm’s intellectual capital. According to a growing number of business academics and consultants, the definition, inventory, and auditing of intellectual capital […]