Report: Predictive marketing platforms boost revenue

A new Forrester Consulting report says businesses taking advantage of predictive marketing tools can often see their main objectives be accomplished: increase revenue growth. Predictive marketing and analytics platforms are essential to revenue growth for companies, the report states. It’s believed that B2B firms using these types of tools often outperform their rivals in various […]

The slow death of organic social engagement

Organic social content engagement numbers are sinking. We started noticing the trend at SqueezeCMM in February and it’s been accelerating ever since. While there’s no real typical standard for organic-to-paid performance (it depends on factors such as the budget for paid, the target audience, and the size of the organic community), some numbers were shockingly […]

Growth Marketing Conference: ‘You have to do bigger, better things to hit revenue goals’

The term “growth marketing” or in some quarters “growth hacking” may not have a universally agreed upon definition, but its adherents adamantly believe that it works. On December 3, at the Growth Marketing Conference, in San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki, the day’s opening panel session, “The Future of Growth Marketing: Tools, Strategies and Tactics” brought together […]

B2B Solution of the Week: How companies use different metrics to determine customer satisfaction

Evaluating B2B customer relationships is tricky. Two of the most important tools at a company’s disposal are customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS). While they might seem similar, they serve distinct purposes and using one or the other can make a difference in maintaining customer happiness and loyalty. This article will examine […]

Inside the best email practices for customer conversion and retention

The B2B sales mantra is straightforward – attract, convert, and retain. While everyone needs to fill the funnel, marketers are wise to focus on conversion and retention: data analytics vendor SumAll discovered that between 25 and 40 percent of total revenues come from returning customers, and businesses with 40 percent repeat customers generated nearly 50 […]

What is your customer worth? It’s time to look beyond KPIs

Ask 10 people what key performance indicators (KPIs) a business should monitor, and you very likely will get 10 different answers. A business’s’ access to an increasing wealth of data and powerful analytics tools should theoretically make it simple to develop performance measurements that truly matter. But B2B businesses have focused on using largely outdated […]

The problem with B2B customer service and what needs to be done about it

Managing client problems is increasingly a high-priority responsibility, and B2B companies are worse at it on average than B2C companies, according to a new Gallup Research study. Customer engagement and retention must be handled on a case-by-case basis in the B2B space, but it is still entirely possible to have a high problem-resolution rate if the right […]

Report: Major gap between B2B marketers and their competitors

A recent infographic report from Corporate Visions found that there’s a large gap between what B2B marketers and sales teams believe differentiates them from their competitors. Only 14 percent of them think their pitches are truly different than their competitors, and almost half of them believe their pitches aren’t focused on the right things. “There’s a striking […]

Marketing automation software – How to make your investment pay off

Marketing automation software promises more leads, faster conversions, bigger revenues, and a ticket to the Inc 500. OK, maybe the vendors aren’t promising the last one just yet, but companies are buying anyway: research firm Frost & Sullivan pegged the market at $907 million in 2014, and predicts it will reach $14.51 billion in 2020. […]