Inside the best email practices for customer conversion and retention

The B2B sales mantra is straightforward – attract, convert, and retain. While everyone needs to fill the funnel, marketers are wise to focus on conversion and retention: data analytics vendor SumAll discovered that between 25 and 40 percent of total revenues come from returning customers, and businesses with 40 percent repeat customers generated nearly 50 […]

What is your customer worth? It’s time to look beyond KPIs

Ask 10 people what key performance indicators (KPIs) a business should monitor, and you very likely will get 10 different answers. A business’s’ access to an increasing wealth of data and powerful analytics tools should theoretically make it simple to develop performance measurements that truly matter. But B2B businesses have focused on using largely outdated […]

The problem with B2B customer service and what needs to be done about it

Managing client problems is increasingly a high-priority responsibility, and B2B companies are worse at it on average than B2C companies, according to a new Gallup Research study. Customer engagement and retention must be handled on a case-by-case basis in the B2B space, but it is still entirely possible to have a high problem-resolution rate if the right […]

Report: Major gap between B2B marketers and their competitors

A recent infographic report from Corporate Visions found that there’s a large gap between what B2B marketers and sales teams believe differentiates them from their competitors. Only 14 percent of them think their pitches are truly different than their competitors, and almost half of them believe their pitches aren’t focused on the right things. “There’s a striking […]

Marketing automation software – How to make your investment pay off

Marketing automation software promises more leads, faster conversions, bigger revenues, and a ticket to the Inc 500. OK, maybe the vendors aren’t promising the last one just yet, but companies are buying anyway: research firm Frost & Sullivan pegged the market at $907 million in 2014, and predicts it will reach $14.51 billion in 2020. […]

The B2Bnn primer on affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs have been around since the 1990s, and the reason they’ve stuck around this long is because they’re effective. Affiliate marketing has always worked well in the B2C world, but for B2B companies there are challenges. When done right, it can still provide a healthy additional revenue stream. Affiliate marketing is worth considering, but first […]

Retargeting: Lead generator or invasive nuisance?

“How did Facebook know I was thinking of buying this exact pair of shoes from the Zappos website?” I’m sure by now you know that this is no coincidence. The product ads that seem to shadow your every online move are part of a revolutionary web-based advertising process called behavioral retargeting. Retargeting is technically simplistic, […]

Why marketers shouldn’t ignore click-to-call

Let’s say, as a marketer, you have a retail brand client, who wants to take advantage of diverse and exciting marketing tools. You decide to incorporate click-to-call in your marketing scheme. A customer searches on Google or Facebook and finds this retailer. Instead of physically dialing the company, the customer clicks on the number or an advertisement and […]

14 ways to get more out of your B2B customer surveys

Regularly B2B marketers are tapping into their audience for data that they’ll then use as fodder for any number of marketing strategies. Such data could help inform infographics, blog posts, white papers, webinars, etc. Thanks to surveys, they can produce content that answers questions their readers have, and they’re engaging with buyers to let them know they’re interested […]

How to make analytics work for your account-based marketing

At the second Annual Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B, organized and hosted by Demandbase, an advertising and personalization company, attendees learned key components to how a B2B firm can excel with an account-based marketing (ABM) approach.  Data is the top factor in such a strategy. B2B analytics are built on three pillars: visitor segments, website goals and content groups, according to […]

How to make the best landing page for your account-based marketing campaigns

The closing sessions at the Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B at San Francisco’s AT&T Park examined best practices for creative and landing pages and account-based marketing (ABM) case studies. Demandbase’s Sarah Nels, an ad campaign strategy manager, took on the creative and landing pages best practices topic. She opened her presentation by posing the question […]

Live from MarTech: Experience optimization should drive your website redesign

Are you regularly testing your company website for optimization success? If not, Chris Goward would likely be wagging his finger at you. The CEO of Wider Funnel has built an entire company around the concept that testing offers the framework for successful experience optimization. He recently spoke at MarTech, a marketing conference taking place in […]

What you need to know about B2B marketing automation platforms

Marketing automation platforms provide powerful suites of tools that aid marketers and sales teams in creating more effective campaigns, but how useful are they really? A newly released report from Digital Marketing Depot titled B2B Marketing Automation Platforms 2015: A Marketer’s Guide took a look at the state of this technology. It provides some guidelines […]

How B2B marketing can see into the future with predictive lead scoring

Many B2B marketers spend an inordinate amount of time on sales lead generation. But how strong are these leads? Traditional CRM systems provide some metrics on the likelihood of leads converting to sales. However, these metrics are based on retrospective rules. If only marketers had some source of intelligence that utilizes forward-looking data so that they […]

Facebook’s new tools to help marketers analyze impact of Facebook Ads

Facebook today revealed a new suite of tools created to help marketers better understand how ads on the social network boost their business. In a blog post, Facebook wrote they are expanding their “conversion lift measurement capabilities.” Facebook notes its advertising partners need to learn more about conversion lift because it’s the best way they can understand how ads placed […]