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B2B News for Thursday, October 7, 2021: The Ethics of Working with Facebook, Cisco AppDynamics Leadership, Remote Work and an Island Paradise

Do you want your social media spend to fund societal break-down? Advertisers should be re-thinking how they work with Facebook and other social media channels, says marketing expert Michael Wall. As testimony from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen about how Facebook has jeopardized public safety continues, calls to regulate the social media network are ringing more […]

B2B News

B2B News 12/10: Facebook Antitrust, Garda World Takeover Fails, B2B Booze

B2B M&A, Product Launches and Appointments for December 10, 2020   Undoing Acquisitions:  The big news in acquisitions today is about undoing them. The FTC is suing Facebook for “illegal monopolization” through acquiring WhatsApp and Instagram. The efforts come following a cooperative investigation by 46 states and 2 territories of the US. The B2B implications are […]

Growth Marketing Conference: How to make Facebook advertising worth the ROI, for only a few dollars a day

You may have read about the man who used Uber, nearly got killed and still was charged $178.93. That man, Dennis Yu, chief technology officer at BlitzMetrics, presented at the recent Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki on how he targeted Uber on Facebook to get a refund and how his initiative can […]

Report: Facebook ads still a better investment than Google display ads

Facebook still holds the throne in click-through rates (CTR) for ads, as revealed by Adobe Digital Index’s “Q3 Digital Advertising & Social Intelligence Report.” According to the report, the numbers for Facebook ads are enough to leave Google in the dust: Facebook’s click-throughs rates posted a 35 percent rise in Q3 2015 from a year ago […]

Stat: Facebook’s carousel ads 10x more effective than its regular ads

Carousel ads are 10 times more effective at getting people to click through compared to static sponsored posts on Facebook, according to a new report cited by Digiday. B2Bnn previously reported on new carousel ads introduced to Instagram and later Facebook, allowing advertisers to publish ads letting users scroll through multiple photos. According to data compiled […]

Facebook’s Conversion Lift can now compare ad effectiveness

Facebook’s ad-performance-tracking tool Conversion Lift now has a new set of features. A new feature allows advertisers to compare multiple ads and see which performs best. Facebook announced the new add-ons in a blog post, as reported byTechCrunch. Previously, the Conversion Lift tool — launched in January — allowed advertisers to see if their ads […]

Click-through rate on Facebook ads soared 260% year-over-year

New research found global click-through rates on advertisements in Facebook increased 17 percent in the first quarter of 2015 compared with the fourth quarter of 2014. Year-over-year, the CTR rates are up by a whopping 260 percent. The report noted the Facebook ads analyzed had a 0.81 percent click-through rate in the first quarter. The research firm […]

Learning from the best on choosing the right cover image for your Facebook Page

Facebook Page cover photos are considered prime real estate on the social network. They are the first thing people see whenever they visit a company Page. Unfortunately, they continue being overlooked by a majority of B2B firms and marketers. Competition for a user’s attention is fierce. No matter what market you serve, chances are that hundreds […]

Why Instagram is the new Facebook…for marketers

If Facebook is the runaway hit of the social media world, Instagram is the blockbuster for businesses. Thanks to a study by Olapic, the visual marketing platform, we can learn deeper insights into why  Instagram is set to become the most powerful social media network of 2015. There are roughly 300 million Instagram users, up from 200 million in […]

Infographic: How often should you post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+?

It’s a question that often plagues professionals and brand marketers alike: How frequently should content be posted on the major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+? We don’t want to get excessive with our posts, but we also don’t want to seem laissez-faire with our social media activity. Thanks to a collaboration between […]

Air Canada, Apple, Facebook have most loyal fans

A newly updated list of the most loyal brands include Air Canada, Apple, AT&T, Facebook, Domino’s, Google and many more. According to Brand Keys’ 19th Annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI), their index measures brands whose drivers come closest to meeting (or even exceeding) those of their respective category. The number-one company “is always the one whose […]

Facebook’s new tools to help marketers analyze impact of Facebook Ads

Facebook today revealed a new suite of tools created to help marketers better understand how ads on the social network boost their business. In a blog post, Facebook wrote they are expanding their “conversion lift measurement capabilities.” Facebook notes its advertising partners need to learn more about conversion lift because it’s the best way they can understand how ads placed […]