Growth Marketing Conference: How to use content marketing to get new customers

At this week’s Growth Marketing Conference, December 3, in San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki, quote-to-cash solution vendor Apttus offered key insights into marketing innovations as Maria Pergolino, the company’s global vice president of marketing, discussed how one of Silicon Valley’s latest billion-dollar unicorns has used content marketing to acquire new customers and “explode revenue,” as the organizers described the […]

Who’s winning in the video content marketing space?

In today’s era of fast-paced information and short attention spans,  B2B firms and marketers that overlook videos may soon be left in the dirt. Telling compelling brand stories can be challenging for B2B companies. An oft-cited reason is that their products and services aren’t as “glittery” as their B2C counterparts. Nothing could be further from […]

Is content marketing still a mystery to B2B marketers?

More than half of B2B marketers surveyed are unclear about what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like, according to a new report from Content Marketing Institute (CMI), the leading global content marketing education and training organization. In their latest benchmark report, CMI found that 55 percent of B2B marketers were still struggling […]

4 B2B companies that have mastered the blogging game

Today, the “build-it-and-they-will-come” approach does not work anymore for B2B firm websites. There are simply too many sites (close to 1 billion) and hence major competition for eyeballs on the Web. This alone explains why it has become vital for B2B firms and marketers to amp up their content offerings in order to positively influence the sales […]

Infographic: Tips on developing trust with your content marketing campaigns

A new infographic from Insights In Marketing looks at the importance of developing client trust via your content marketing strategy. We all know how important content can be to promote your B2B firm and enrich the buyer journey, beyond simply promoting your products and services. But how can you build customer loyalty with editorial content that is […]

Digital Journal Group acquires award-winning content marketing measurement pioneer, SqueezeCMM

TORONTO, September 16, 2015 – It’s a big statement when a customer acquires a vendor, and SqueezeCMM Inc. is delighted to announce today that one of its early alpha customers, Digital Journal Group, has acquired its content marketing measurement business. SqueezeCMM will play an integral role in Digital Journal Group’s portfolio of marketing, media and […]

How to make strong visual content for your B2B marketing

We love visuals, and infographics in particular. Just take a look at how many infographics and images are shared on social media every day. And look at the rise of image-based social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest, or the image sharing site Imgur. There’s just something about images that we love and crave. In fact, we’re […]

How to measure effectiveness in B2B content marketing

An old saw from the construction trades—literally involving a saw—says to measure twice and cut once. Something similar yet different seems applicable to B2B content marketing. Except that in this case B2B content marketers must measure all the time and cut all the time. However, B2B campaigns measure after finishing the work. Then reworks the […]

Brian Solis on how to tell better brand stories without brand journalism

Terms like content marketing and more recently “brand journalism” have captured the attention of B2B marketers for some time. However, many people talk about brand journalism but nobody’s doing it. At least nobody’s doing it very well. That could be one of the takeaways  from last week’s Content Marketing Summit at LinkedIn, presented by Ragan Communications […]

Podcast Recappers: Joe Pulizzi’s 6 steps to content marketing success

On this week’s edition of Podcast Recappers we look at an episode of the Social Pros podcast hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown, featuring Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute and author of the books Epic Content Marketing and Content Inc. CMI produces Content Marketing World, the world’s largest content marketing conference, annually in […]

Do B2B enterprises need Chief Native Officers?

As technology evolves so do marketing channels.  Traditional marketing covers display ads, billboards, TV, and radio. Digital marketing sees content reach consumers through a digital screen. Social media and mobile marketing, which are more sub-channels of Digital, merit their own categories given their growth rates. In previous years, all of these marketing channels would have […]