How this company specializes in conversion rate optimization

Website performance is a key priority for any brand. It is no accident that high profile companies have well-designed websites; these sites are the result of heavily-customized and multi-faceted optimization strategies designed to convert page visits to sales. If you want to make your website perform better and earn you more revenue, you may want […]

When data at your fingertips is a must: mobile-first BI from Databox

They call it the last mile of data, the ability to run business intelligence applications that are natively mobile. “Can you imagine doing a pinch to zoom of a huge Excel spreadsheet on that small mobile screen?” ¬†asked Jure Zih, director of marketing for Databox, which bills itself as the first and only BI platform […]

From funnel to digital customer relationship: the evolution

One of those reassuring little white lies we tell ourselves as marketers is this: People make linear decisions. It’s simpler to draw straight lines about people’s behavior, so to date we have typically pushed people through carefully scripted marketing processes. But does that really reflect people’s actions and the ways they find information? Of course […]